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$100 Gift Card Winner in Our Freedom From Fast Food Challenge

Andrew Hay was a winner in his age group in our Freedom From Fast Food Challenge Contest.  Andrew’s abstinence from fast food and his written essay earned him a $100 gift card prize and a priceless education on the importance of eating healthy.  Congratulations Andrew!

Here’s what Andrew had to say about his 30 days away from fast food:


In the beginning it was very hard, I got on my moms nerves about wanting to stop and not do this challenge! Mom made me do it for the simple fact its healthy to get off all that fast food and eat regular food at home.

After a week of healthy choices it got easier for me, fast food its not what it is cracked up to be. I was taught that eating healthy is not all that bad and even though it was hard,I learned alot about  fast food and how it can put the weight on you and not make you feel very good. Home cooked meals were actually pretty good and tasty without all the hustle and bustle of waiting in line through the drive-thru of many restaurants or eating in, even though we ate in some and did salads. 

At first my mom was challenged in planning meals and making them healthy as well. Food was baked and not fried, rice, whole wheat bread and vegetables was on the menu. My mom doesn’t bring pop in the house no more, we drink water or iced tea. 

My sister Shannon even got on me to see if I was doing the challenge and staying on the right track of eating at home and not fast food, she was a pain in the dairy air about this challenge but only doing it for my own good, thanks sis for staying on top of things and helping me, your brother out. You can lay low now…lol.