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Make 2016 The Year You Make a Health Adjustment!

Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick Baker 2016 MessageThe beginning of each New Year brings with it an opportunity for positive personal health changes:

A new opportunity to lose weight;

A new opportunity to exercise more;

A new opportunity to change your diet;

A new opportunity to quit an unhealthy habit.

Instead of following a diet plan endorsed by a movie star or an over-promising exercise program advertised at 4:00 AM, we challenge you to adjust they way you look at health to improve yourself, your life and the lives of those around you.

We encourage you to make a health adjustment in 2016!

The First Big Step

The first big step in your health adjustment is taking control of your health with chiropractic care. It means placing you and your body first by gaining an understanding of how your body works and the power of your central nervous system. It also means putting chiropractic as your primary health care provider in order to keep your central nervous system healthy at all times, free from pain and ready to fight off illnesses, disorders and diseases.

The Second Big Step

The second big step in your health adjustment is understanding how dangerous and unproductive the use of both over-the-counter and prescription medications really are. Frequent use of medications does not solve a health problem. Usually, it just treats a symptom while failing to address the underlying problem. Pain killers are a perfect example. Whether they are over-the-counter strength or prescription strength pain killers, the medication is not correcting the root of the health problem. It’s merely covering-up the pain on a short-term basis while subjecting you to a long list of undesirable and dangerous side effects.

The Third Big Step

The third big step is realizing how you should provide your body with proper daily nutrition. What you eat and drink and when you eat and drink are both essential elements of optimal health. If you’re like most people, you’re probably not aware exactly what you are consuming and how it impacts your health. Most people are surprised when they do learn what they are eating and the results they achieve when they become educated on what beneficial nutrition is all about and the positive results that can be achieved with appearance, energy levels and future outlook.

There are more steps involved once you get on the road to true health and wellness but taking these first three steps will place you firmly on the right path.

The Giant Leap

To make the type of health adjustment described above, you need to take a giant leap of faith in yourself. Chiropractic care puts you and the power of your human body first. It does not put medical doctors in charge of your health nor does it place any dependence or power with prescription drugs. For many people, this is a difficult concept to comprehend and trust.

When people have exhausted all other avenues associated with traditional medical care and advanced to the point where they are fed up with the side effects of medications and losing hope, that’s when they take the giant leap.

We encourage you to trust in yourself and have faith in yourself by taking the giant leap to chiropractic care now, before subjecting yourself to the frustrations described above. If you have been on the merry-go-round of endless pain and prescription medications, you’re probably more than ready to take the giant leap and we are here to catch you!

How to Jump

So how do you make your heath adjustment? How do you jump into a health care model that places you in control and empowers you? It’s the easiest jump you’ll ever make. Simply contact us by calling 513-561-2273 and schedule an appointment at any one of our three greater Cincinnati area clinic locations. You can also schedule an appointment at anytime via our website.

When you schedule an appointment, you’ll learn more about yourself and the power of your body than you ever thought possible. Once you educate yourself about yourself, the steps to a life of sustained health and wellness become easy!

Make 2016 the turning point year in the way you approach your health and the health of your family. It’s an adjustment that so many others have made and are reaping the rewards for it. Just visit this link to view all kinds of real-life examples: What Our Patients Say 

We look forward to watching you take these important steps and making this critical adjustment in the way you approach your health. We and our team of doctors and chiropractic professionals stand ready to help you.

Happy New Year!

Yours In Health and Wellness,
Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker