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After 40 Days of Dead-End Medical Tests with No Answers, Dr. Paul Baker Diagnosed My Hiatal Hernia and Relieved the Pain All in One Visit

It started on February 16th when I went to a local area medical clinic with symptoms of extreme fatigue, fever and coughing. I was examined, swabbed and diagnosed with Type B Flu.

The following Sunday, I was experiencing severe chest pains and pressure. I was taken to the ER where they took two chest x-rays, an EKG and did blood work. They diagnosed me with Pleurisy which is inflammation of the tissues that line the lungs and chest cavity. I was told the Pleurisy was a result of my coughing from the Flu.

Nearly three weeks later on March 13th, I went to Urgent Care with severe chest pains, pressure and shortness of breath. I had two more chest x-rays taken, another EKG and more blood work. I was then sent back to the hospital for a CT scan with a dye to check for blood clots in my lungs. After all of these tests, x-rays and scans, the diagnosis was once again Pleurisy from the coughing associated with the Flu even though the coughing had stopped.

A week later, the same symptoms I had been experiencing were getting worse. It felt at times as if I were having a heart attack. The ER doctor sent me to a cardiologist where I had a stress test on a treadmill and an ultrasound of my heart. Nothing was found and again I was diagnosed with Pleurisy.

After dealing with all this for well over a month, I was desperate to find out why I kept having shortness of breath, pain, and tightness in my chest. It almost felt like a balloon was being blown up in my chest.

I called Dr. Paul Baker at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness on a Saturday afternoon and left a message that I needed his advice. He called me back Saturday evening very concerned and suggested I meet him on a Sunday at his office for an evaluation. Within five minutes of my visit, Dr. Baker diagnosed a hiatal hernia. He explained how the hiatal hernia was the source of the pressure in my chest. He also described how acid reflux from the hiatal hernia was causing sharp pains.

Dr. Baker confidently assured me he could treat the hernia but warned it would be a bit uncomfortable. With both of his hands, he put pressure under my ribcage and slowly pushed the hernia back down thru my diaphragm. When I stood up, I had instant relief! Both the pain and pressure I had felt for over a month was gone.

After many sleepless nights in fear that I was having a heart attack, after multiple visits to the hospital, urgent care and even a cardiologist, Dr. Baker diagnosed and treated the pain that I was having in one 20- minute Sunday afternoon visit to his office! He continues to check my hernia when I come in for my regular visits and it seems to be fine.

In thinking back when I had the Flu, I remember coughing so hard at one point that it felt like something ripped in my stomach. I’m now convinced this was the start of the hiatal hernia.

I am both amazed and extremely disappointed that with all of the x-rays, CT scans, blood work and series of other tests over a period of 40+ days, a correct diagnosis could not be made. Equally shocking were my medical bills. The cost of following traditional medical care guidance and instructions exceeded $30,000!!! This doesn’t take into account the cost of the mental anguish of not knowing what was wrong with me, thinking I was having a heart attack and the constant worry and stress placed on our entire family.

I am very grateful to Dr. Paul Baker for his incisive diagnosis and his immediate and successful treatment of my hiatal hernia.*

– Terri B.

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.