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After What They Did For My Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) I Am No Longer Skeptical of Chiropractic Care

Irritable bowel syndrome patient Marcia WrayMy name is Marcia Wray. Throughout the 1990’s I was seeking treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I began with my family doctor, and eventually I sought the services of several specialists, with no results. Every one of these doctors told me that my symptoms were either all in my head, or stress related. I was even told that I should change my career path because there was nothing they could do for me.

I saw a commercial for Baker Chiropractic recommending chiropractic care for the treatment of IBS. By this time, I was desperate and was willing to try anything. I was quite skeptical of chiropractic doctors because the curriculum in nursing school doesn’t speak highly of this type of treatment. But with an open mind I made an appointment to see Dr. Paul Baker in the Redbank office.

Within one week I was seeing substantial results. I was feeling better, I was sleeping better, and I was more comfortable. I didn’t have to try out various medications worrying about side effects or go through any embarrassing procedures.

I finished the treatment plan that Dr. Baker set up for me, and was beginning the maintenance plan when I was involved in a car accident. I immediately called Dr. Baker after my accident, and he treated me for neck and back injuries, allowing me to regain full function and continue nursing school.

Once I graduated nursing school, I got married and started a family. Dr. Baker treated me for sciatic pain while I was pregnant, which gave me the ability to walk and sit comfortable during my last trimester. I have since moved to the Fairfield area and I have been working at Bethesda North Hospital for nearly 7 years. And I still see Dr. Patrick Baker, who has treated me for vertigo as well as the aches and pains from working 12 hour shifts as a floor nurse.

No longer skeptical of what chiropractic care can do, I trust both Drs. Baker so much that I have had both of my children in for adjustments, and I have seen instant results with them as well. Symptoms such as ear aches and (believe it or not) the common cold are treated through spinal adjustments, and the symptoms go away much quicker than treating with over-the-counter medications.

I know that if I ever have any questions or concerns, I can call either Dr. Baker at any time, and get a straight answer to my question. I cannot recommend highly enough either of these doctors, and the services they have provided for me and my family have allowed me to live an active and full life.

In a perfect world, where everything is adapted to be ‘ergonomically correct’, perhaps these services wouldn’t be needed. But The demands of nursing – boosting patients, 12+ hour shifts on the concrete floors, and everything else that the hospital (and the patients) throw at you – can wreak havoc on your body. Thanks to Drs. Patrick and Paul Baker, I have been able to comfortably perform my nursing duties, and I have not sustained any work related injury in the process.*

Marcia Wray, RN

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.