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Age 40 or Older and Looking for a Healthy, Disease-Free Future? Here’s a Logical Answer

Cells in your body use oxygen as fuel. The cells’ waste product from burning oxygen is known as an oxidant. If not disposed of properly, oxidants can pollute your body and cause damage which can lead to a long list of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, strokes and cancer. Your friend in fighting and destroying oxidants is a substance known as an antioxidant. Antioxidants seek out the oxidants; prevent them from unleashing their destruction on your body and repair damage that you may have incurred.

Your body’s REDOX is the balance of power between the bad guys (oxidants) and the good guys (antioxidants). In a healthy body, the good guys (antioxidants) outnumber the bad guys (oxidants) and your body is in what is called a state of REDOX homeostasis. As you can imagine, the power struggle between good and bad is never-ending and the war zone literally covers your body from head to toe in all types of microscopic battlefields including your DNA.

Serum Thiols are the ‘on the scene news reporters’ that tell us who is winning the REDOX battles described above. Higher levels of serum thiols in the blood are news headlines that tell us the good guys (antioxidants) are winning the war while low levels of serum thiols in the blood indicate that the bad guys (oxidants) are prevailing. Research shows serum thiol levels start to make noticeable decreases in people after the age of 45.

So what can we do to help the good guys (antioxidants) win the REDOX wars and keep us healthy and free from disease? According to a study published in the March 2005 Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, the answer is long term chiropractic care. In this study, researchers measured serum thiol levels in 3 groups of people. The people in Group 1 received no chiropractic care. Those in Group 2 received chiropractic care for a short term period of time and those in Group 3 received long term chiropractic care for a period of 2 or more years.  The results of the study showed the patients receiving the long-term chiropractic care produced significantly higher serum thiol levels as compared to patients who received short-term chiropractic care and people who received no chiropractic care at all. The patients under long-term chiropractic care produced some values for serum thiol levels that were even higher than normal wellness values.

Chiropractic and wellness care including proper nutrition allow the body to perform at peak levels. When your body is optimized and free from subluxations, its powerful immune system can function to prevent serious disorders and diseases from developing. We should all enjoy the second half of our lives free from debilitating health conditions. It’s never too late to start.

Baker Chiropractic has been providing people of all ages with chiropractic and wellness care for the past 17 years. Our website is filled with great educational information on the many surprising benefits of chiropractic care and how the brain and nervous system control every inch of your body. When your nervous system is free from interferences known as subluxations, the brain is allowed to properly communicate with every part of your body. This prevents disorders and diseases from taking root and permits the immune system to repair injuries and ailments that have occurred.

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