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All About Water

water and hydrationDrinking adequate amounts of water everyday for hydration plays a very important part in your health.

Let’s take a look at different kinds and sources of water.

Tap Water

Sure it’s convenient, but what’s in it? Unless you enjoy well water that is tested regularly, you can’t be sure what’s in today’s municipal water supplies. Besides the chemical taste that comes from using chlorine to kill bacteria, the tap water in your home can contain trace amounts of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and minute amounts industrial chemicals.

Bottled Water

Usually of better quality, bottled water comes from many sources. Normally it is labeled as having come from a particular source, such as a spring, glacier, spa or even a filtered and ozonated public water supply. Even though consistent labeling regulations are not in place, read the label.

Mineral Water

This is a type of spring water that means that the mineral content of the water has not been altered. Plus, to be called “natural spring water” it cannot be extracted from a spring, but must flow freely from its source and bottled at that location.

Sparkling Water

This is water with dissolved carbon dioxide, either from its natural source or added during the bottling process. Interestingly, carbon dioxide is a waste product that your body removes with each breath. Carbonated beverages (especially with added sugars!) may taste good, but aren’t very good for you.

Distilled Water

This is the purest form of water that is collected from condensing the steam from boiling water. Most of the minerals and pollutants have been left behind, leaving a tasteless, acidic liquid. Absent from distilled water are the important electrolytes that are essential for proper function.