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Megan Found Answers for Infertility. After Ellie was Born She Found Solutions for Colic

Baker Chiropractic Patients Megan and Ellie Infertility and Colic
Megan, Ellie and Dr. Patrick

“My husband and I were trying to have a baby for a long time. After months of trying and still no baby, I knew I had to try something else. I decided to start going to the chiropractor. I went in to see Dr. Patrick Baker and told him my issue. I started adjustments for one (1) month and the next month I was pregnant!

My baby girl, Ellie, was born March 28, 2013, three weeks early. The first month she was having gas pains and not pooping and spitting up constantly. I took her to the pediatrician and he said that she could go a full month without pooping, which to anyone doesn’t seem logical. He said since she was early that her Sphincter needs to loosen up and that takes time. He said that he was going to put her on medicine for Acid Reflux, which I said no, as Ellie was only one month old. I immediately took her to Dr. Baker and told him the issue and he immediately said he could help with a smile on his face.

He adjusted her neck and back on a Monday afternoon. From Monday to Wednesday (the next time we saw him) she had pooped eight times and her spitting up had decreased which means Happy Mommy and Daddy.

For the first few months of her life, she saw Dr. Patrick Baker almost three times a week. Now, she goes every few weeks and is the happiest baby. I get compliments all the time for her being so happy and I always say its because of chiropractic care. She has been sleeping through the night since she has been six weeks old, again, because of her adjustments.

A month ago, Ellie had a temperature for a few days and nothing I done would relieve it. She wouldn’t sleep or eat. The pediatrician said that she had a virus and really couldn’t help. I called and talked to Dr. Brock and he came in on a Sunday to adjust her. Her fever was gone by that evening and we all got some sleep. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to come in on a weekend to help my little girl.

In closing, when we go to the office, Ellie immediately hears Dr. Patrick’s or Dr. Brock’s voice and smiles and giggles. She loves it there.

I just want to thank Dr. Patrick Baker, Dr. Brock, their staff and their families for the help and relief they have given my family.”*

–         Megan Nichting 

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.