Athletes & Sports Injuries

We Are Not Just Cincinnati Area Chiropractors. We Are Also Athletes and Competitors.

At Baker Chiropractic, We Love Sports!

Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker as well as the majority of our staff are all current or former competitive athletes. Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick are active bodybuilders, strength and conditioning coaches and former high school athletes. Baker Chiropractic has developed a reputation with athletes of all ages and levels of competition from T- League to the National Football League.

Contact us today and put this team of doctors, athletes and sports injury specialists to work for you. We treat your sports injury to help enhance your overall competitive performance. Don’t just take our word for it; see what our patients say about us.

Robert Lost His Football Scholarship Because of a Shoulder Injury, We Helped Him Get it Back

Football Injury Patient Robert Mincy“When I first met Dr. Patrick Baker it was at Autozone. I was recently coming off losing a football scholarship due to a shoulder injury. I was pretty down about everything. I had went through a year of rehab and I still couldn’t do push ups or bench press or anything related to my shoulders. When I was talking to Doc, I explained that to him. He started telling me there was a possibility that I had pinched nerves and it wasn’t allowing everything to heal properly. I was very skeptical but I thought to myself what could it hurt. We set up an appointment and that was the beginning of my healing.

After my first visit, I felt on top of the world. I had more energy. I went home and did my first push up in a year and half. On my following visit, I told Dr. Baker about that. He told me I’m on the road to being maximized. After about a month of regular chiropractic care, I could do around 25 push ups. I was back to bench pressing 135 lbs.

I’m now about 6 months into Dr. Baker’s care and I have received another football scholarship. I have a shot at making it to the pros. I firmly believe that if God would have never sent Dr. Baker and the family at Baker Chiropractic, I wouldn’t be able to play football again.

So the skepticism for me and chiropractic care has completely been lifted. I would recommend anyone with a injury to give it a go. Its well worth it!”

– Robert Mincey #84

Treat Your Sports Injury with No Drugs, No Needles, No Surgeries and No Delays… No Kidding

Golf SwingWhether you’re a high school baseball player, college soccer player, NFL running back or weekend golfer, you can’t play the sport you love if you are sitting on the sidelines recuperating from surgery or waiting for the effects of a drug to wear off. Taking injections to ease the pain in a joint or muscle doesn’t have to be a requirement either.

At Baker Chiropractic, we treat sports injuries with an arsenal of chiropractic care and massage therapy techniques that are all non invasive and do not utilize prescription drugs. That means no surgeries, no drugs and fast recovery. In fact, Drs. Paul and Patrick Baker co-developed a revolutionary technique for muscle injuries called MIRT or Muscle Injury Release Technique. To learn more about MIRT, request a copy of Dr. Baker’s Free MIRT Report. If you are faced with a sports injury and do not want to undergo unnecessary surgery, injections or subject yourself to the side effects of prescription drugs, contact us today or schedule an appointment on-line now.

We have alternatives to get you back in the game quickly!

Peak Physical and Mental Performance Comes From Total Health and Wellness. We Can Show You How

man lifts weightAs competitive athletes, we strive to be the best. We train and practice for countless hours to jump a little higher, run a little faster, hit a little harder, throw a little farther, see a little better, think a little sharper and stay in the game a little longer. It’s what we do off the field that makes all the difference. At Baker Chiropractic, you will find a team that fully understands what it takes to be the best.

We have been there ourselves. Our knowledge, training, experience and expertise in chiropractic care, exercise, nutrition, health and wellness can provide any athlete at any level the Formula for True Health and the care, guidance, motivation and support to achieve it. Together we may reach new heights. Contact us today.

List of Sports Injuries We Can Address

At Baker Chiropractic, we have a long list of patients who are athletes that have come to us with a variety of injuries including, but not limited to: Concussions, Head Injuries, Neck Injuries, Shoulder Injuries, Back Injuries, Leg Injuries, Hamstring Injuries, Knee Injuries, Ankle Injuries, Foot Injuries, Hip Injuries, Elbow Injuries, Wrist Injuries, Hand Injuries, Thumb and Finger Injuries, Toe Injuries and much more. Contact us now.