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How can Chiropractic Treatment Help Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis Pain Treatment

Arthritis refers to a range of diseases that affect pain and inflammation in the joints. However, if you are looking for Arthritis pain treatment, Chiropractic treatment will be the best choice.  Is it a degenerative disease, which means the symptoms grow to worsen over time, or is it an autoimmune kind of arthritis with associated […]

A Holiday Giving Tree Sprouts the Names of 50 Area Youth Worthy of Your Generosity

Lighthouse Youth Services and Baker Chiropractic invite you to pick one or more names of Cincinnati area youths from the branches of a Holiday Giving Tree located within Baker Chiropractic’s Office at 675 Deiss Drive in Fairfield, Ohio. Lighthouse Youth Services provides essential support to children of all ages in southwest Ohio and relies heavily […]

Our November 2010 Featured Patient is the Dickman Family

The Dickman family is our November 2010 Featured Patient. They are a great example of how you should look at chiropractic as your primary care not just alternative care when traditional care doesn’t work. Prescription drugs, antibiotics and surgery are not absolute answers. Baker Chiropractic provides the expert care required to unleash the amazing powers […]

Join Us on November 16th to Learn About Raw Foods

Join us and our friends at BEAT Personal Training on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 from 7:00pm – 8:00pm for a FREE Seminar on Raw Foods. Learn about the many myths and misconceptions surrounding Raw Foods and how Raw Foods are actually very powerful in preventing and reversing disease. Raw Foods are yummy too and there […]

A Priceless Gift This Holiday Season: Pain Relief and Wellness

With the Holidays fast approaching, we are all looking for the perfect gift to give the people we care about most. Here’s a priceless gift idea that will change the life of the person that receives it, the Gift of Pain Relief and a Life of Wellness. Do you know someone that is struggling with […]

Our October Featured Patient is Sandy Mazuk

Prescription medications do not provide you with long term solutions. Chiropractic care unlocks the body’s ability to correct itself and deal with ailments. Sandy Mazuk’s story is yet another example of the many surprising benefits of chiropractic care. Sandy was skeptical but gave us a chance. We can help you too! Read more about Sandy’s […]

Get a Free Report on Workers Compensation Injuries and Claims

The doctors at Baker Chiropractic are certified Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Medical Care Providers and have been treating patients with Workers Compensation related injuries for nearly 20 years. Within the pages of this FREE report, Dr. Patrick Baker and Dr. Paul Baker explain the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) Claim procedures and your […]

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Injuries and Claims

If you have been injured and would like to file a workers’ compensation claim, there are many rules and procedures to follow as well as paperwork to file. As a Certified Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Approved Medical Provider, Baker Chiropractic has extensive experience with workers’ compensation claims. We can help you with your […]

Get a FREE Report on Fibromyalgia from Dr. Baker

Baker Chiropractic has been treating patients with fibromyalgia for over 17 years. Within the pages of this FREE report, Dr. Patrick and Dr. Paul Baker explain fibromyalgia, its symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention. Fibromyalgia is an often misunderstood topic and commonly misdiagnosed. Dr. Baker’s Fibromyalgia Report will provide you with useful information and help you […]