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My Baby Was Having Painful Bowel Movements. Now She Sleeps 6-7 Hours at a Time!

Baby Painful Bowel Movements
Emily (Mom), Sadie and Dr. Patrick Baker

Sadie was born on Thanksgiving 2013 at 37 weeks. Almost immediately after bringing her home she began grunting, straining, bearing down and would turn bright red to have a bowel movement. She would do this several hours before having a bowel movement.

My husband and I would lay her on her back, bring her knees to her chest, give her tummy massage, warm baths, and even tried anal stimulation. Most of the time, this would not help. She started having difficulty eating and even sleeping, about an hour at time. She would wake up herself up straining.

We brought her to Dr. Patrick Baker at about 4 weeks old. After we came home, she had 2 bowl movements within an hour, and slept a consistent 4 hours that night!

Sadie is now 9 weeks old, she is now having normal bowl movements every morning without straining and waking herself up. The best part is she has started sleeping 6-7 hours at a time!

Mom and Dad are finally rested. Thank you Dr. Baker!*

– Emily Leimeister

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.