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Baker Chiropractic and Wellness is hosting educational events on vital Flu Shot information and Building a Titanium Immune System

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We are hosting educational events on How to Build a Titanium Immune System throughout the month of September.


Join Dr. Patrick Baker, Dr. Ryan Berlin and Dr. Matt Finke on September 19th at 7:00PM or Dr. Paul Baker September 22nd at 7:00PM for the Lifestyle Lecture “Building a Titanium Immune System”.

Stress, fear, poor nutrition, toxicity and subluxations are all foundational immune system destroyers. Learn how to protect your family.

The annual debate is about to begin. What are the pros and cons? Tune in to the webinar “Should I get a flu shot?” on September 13th. This educational program will help you make the most informed decision for the health of your family.

“The fact is that our immune systems are under attack and being solidly damaged from day one of life,” said Dr. Patrick Baker.  “From the womb to the tomb, our medical system persistently and cleverly finds new and exciting ways to add cocktails of toxins and poisons into our bodies. If you feel the need to visit your M.D. for an antibiotic, chances are you need to get into the office to get your power turned on!”

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness is offering these events in order to bring real health to the community.  Discover the resources and tools for total wellness. Call (513) 561-2273 to learn more about these events.