Baker Chiropractic’s Natural Cholesterol Reduction Program Shocked My Medical Doctor

Vicki Logsdon High Cholesterol Patient Baker Chiropractic and Wellness
Vicki Logsdon and Dr. Patrick Baker

My name is Vicki and like many people, I developed high cholesterol. I work in healthcare as a radiological technician and realize how high cholesterol is a major risk factor for things like heart disease and heart attacks.

I talked to my medical doctor about my high cholesterol levels who recommended I start taking a prescription cholesterol medication to manage my cholesterol levels.

Not being a fan of taking medications and dependent on prescription drugs to live my life, I decided to look at other options. After doing some research, I found Baker Chiropractic and Wellness and their all natural cholesterol reduction program. I read stories submitted by their patients who found success with lowering their cholesterol levels with this program, so I decided to schedule an appointment.

After meeting with Dr. Patrick Baker and his wonderful staff, I was convinced Baker Chiropractic’s Cholesterol Reduction Program was the right answer for me.

After about three months in their cholesterol reduction program, I decided to return to my medical doctor to have blood work done. When the results came back from the lab, my medical doctor was shocked by how much my cholesterol levels had gone down!

Here are the numbers at the start of my cholesterol reduction program at Baker Chiropractic and the numbers after three months in the program:

Cholesterol Level September 2014 = 261
Cholesterol Level December 2014 = 221 (Lowered my cholesterol by 40 points!)

HDL – Sept. = 62
HDL – Dec. = 66 (HDL is the good cholesterol, increased that by 4 points!)

LDL – Sept. = 171
LDL – Dec. = 134 (LDL is the bad cholesterol, decreased that by 37 points!)

Triglycerides – Sept. = 131
Triglycerides – Dec. = 106 (Lowered triglycerides (fat in blood) by 25 points!)

My experience with Baker Chiropractic and Wellness has done so much more than just lower my cholesterol level. They’ve taught me about my body, how I can take care of it to prevent disease and how to live a life of health and wellness. It’s changed my life and my future.*

– Vicki Logsdon

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.