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Brittany Listened to Mom and Found Relief from Her Migraines

Baker Chiropractic Patient Brittany Weaver and Dr. Patrick BakerBrittany was no stranger to the pain from migraine headaches. They were taking her to dark places (literally) and she was not finding any relief. Fortunately, her mother recommended Baker Chiropractic and she listened.

Today Brittany is free from migraine headache pain. It goes to show, the old saying is correct…”Mother Knows Best!”

Here’s Brittany’s story as she tells it:

“When I was seventeen years old I fractured my neck and two bones in my back. I was very lucky that I wasn’t hurt worse than I was. I went through six months of being in a neck cast, 8 hours of surgery, and then six additional months of physical therapy.

Pain was a daily issue for me. My muscles were so tight that I would constantly have migraines. I couldn’t focus. There would be days that I would just shut the whole world out, and go to a dark quiet place just to find some sort of relief, but still there was none.

One day, my Mom told me to go to Dr. Baker since he has helped everyone in my family. I thought ok, I’ll give it a try. Why not? That was the best decision I could have ever made. Within one week I could tell a difference. Within a month I was headache free.

Something that I never thought would happen did happen. I could actually enjoy life again. I can’t even put a price on that. Words can not describe how grateful I am to Dr. Baker and his staff. They gave me my life back.”*

– Brittany Brewer (Weaver)

If you or someone you know suffers from headaches or migraines, please contact us by calling (513) 561-2273 or schedule an appointment here on our website. We can help you escape the pain of migraines!

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.