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Can this tree give you LIFE?

Michael here.  In this fourth email in our series about the Pain Free Project from Baker Chiropractic, I’d like to tell you about a very special tree unlike any other that can give you gifts you’d never think possible.

Yes, this tree made famous even in Biblical times is known for giving, giving, giving and giving.

Of course the tree I am speaking of is the coconut tree.

But I say that biting my tongue a bit.

You see, my extended family is from the  coconut capital of the world: Kerala.

But while many people think of India (aka Hindustan) as being the center of Hinduism, there is actually a significant Christian (Catholic) population there, especially in the South.

So the Christians there actually think of one tree (the tree of the Cross) in particular as being the real Tree of Life. But it is interesting that the coconut tree has maintained its reputation with its distinctive title for so many millenia.

And why is that?

Let me show you:

When my late father-in-law passed away (may he rest in peace), he left me this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.42.05 PM

It’s actually a trade publication put out by the State of India’s Board of Coconut Development showing all the wonderful things that can be made from the coconut tree, from it’s roots to its fruit, to its flowers and palms.

In fact, my father-in-law made his living, and a good one, mostly by selling coconut coir (the inner husk of the coconut, especially useful in making floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses, and even for starting fires). Amazing, right?

Sure, while many people here may not get that excited about a mattress filled with coconut fibers, there is a coconut product whose versatility can truly save your life one day, maybe one day soon..

Of course I’m speaking of shredded coconut!

Shredded or “dessicated” (dried) unsweetened coconut with its one year shelf life (and even more if you keep it in the freezer vacuum sealed) can actually help you make many health-giving products your family will love!

Of course there are all sorts of baked goods one can make to start the fun. Try Lamington bars, macaroons, fat bombs, coconut cake, and even Easter Bunny cake!

But don’t settle for anything too ordinary.

With a few twists, you can actually use your shredded coconut make your own coconut milk, coconut cream, and even coconut butter!  While it may seem a little bit or work, it’s much better than paying for overpriced canned products laced with BPA that leach metals into this amazing food.

First, coconut milk is a healthy dairy replacement that is vegan friendly and can be used in place of any recipe that calls for milk and actually can even be drunk by itself!

Coconut cream is pretty versatile as well, from milkshakes, and smoothies, you can also go the way of curries, soups, and even whole grain breakfasts with this little guy, but my favorite is whipped cream!

The action does stop there as we save the best for last: coconut butter! Use your shredded coconut to make this can’t-help-from-being universally popular treat! Coconut butter (aka concentrated coconut cream or creamed coconut) is great in all sorts of dishes, but especially in desserts and can be even be used 1:1 in place of flour.  But don’t let your creative juices stop there. Make a pina colada or even use it as a creamer in your coffee or tea (my favorite!).

You see, it really isn’t that hard to get your superfood, so whether you’re using coconut butter to make to-die-for fudge or matcha chocolate truffles or coconut cream to make a milkshake or mango coconut icebox cake, you will really make many memorable experiences for your family while not burning out their health.  Hey, and don’t forget your friends too! Today, we’ve reserved a spot for you in our Cincinnati Pain Free Project, where you can win some great superfoods and neat prizes.  Will you join us? It’s free! Click Here to Enter The Contest!