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Update on Our Sept. 14th ADD / ADHD Seminar (Location Change)

The location of our FREE seminar on ADD / ADHD scheduled for Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm has been changed from the BEAT Personal Training Center to the Baker Chiropractic Red Bank Clinic located at 4781 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday, Sept. 14th. Attention […]

How to Find the Right Chiropractic Care Clinic: Tips to Consider

In this busy world, individuals experience multiple diseases that might hinder their daily routine, lifestyle, and workability. A recent report disclosed that millions of Americans seek medical assistance and chiropractic care for instant pain relief and other medical conditions. They must contact a well-reputed chiropractic care center to address ample physical ailments and discomforts.  Such […]

Have You Thrown These Away?

Hi. It’s Michael again. Wanted to remind you this is the last day to enter the Pain Free Project’s Superfood Contest. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned some amazing things in the last few years about pain.  But what’s really inspired me the most is seeing people who were very sick transform their […]

The Deadliest Substance in India

Michael here again. I hope you’re enjoying your week. I’m sure you recognize at this point that I’m just CRAZY (at least Cookoo!) about superfoods, and honestly I HAVE TO be.  I’ve been pretty rough with my body and it takes something special to bring it back to life. But don’t underestimate the power of […]

Can this tree give you LIFE?

Michael here.  In this fourth email in our series about the Pain Free Project from Baker Chiropractic, I’d like to tell you about a very special tree unlike any other that can give you gifts you’d never think possible. Yes, this tree made famous even in Biblical times is known for giving, giving, giving and […]

The Day My Body Stopped Working

Michael again here.  I wrote a little in the last two segments about how Dr Baker has encouraged me to start the Pain Free Project about how I’ve seen some of the most terrible diseases healed with oils and spices. In fact, my own change in diet gave me the momentum to go from being […]

Why I Think Dr Baker Went “Cookoo”: Today’s FREEBIE

Michael DiSalvo here again.  In my last email I shared with you a little bit about my own journey and the amazing woman we met in India whom we saw with our own eyes healed of MS and relieved of her painful condition. I know Dr Baker himself is sure to hear outsiders doubt the […]

An End to Pain? Join Cincinnati’s Pain-Free Project

Hi. I’m Michael DiSalvo, one of Dr Patrick Baker’s patients, and I’m writing because he wanted me to tell you a story and let you know a bit about the Pain Free Project. When I say I’m a patient at Baker Chiropractic, I’m not saying that I hurt my back, went for a few adjustments, […]

Doc Talk with Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick Every Thursday Afternoon on WLW700

Listen to Doc Talk with Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick every Thursday afternoon at 2:28PM on WLW700’s Bill Cunningham Radio Show. In the Doc Talk segment of the Bill Cunningham Radio Show, Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick discuss a variety of painful health conditions with Willie and answer listener questions. Topics discussed on recent shows […]