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“At 36 Weeks Pregnant, My Baby Was Breach. After Dr. Baker’s Special Pregnancy Adjustments The Baby Flipped Head Down into Position!”

Chiropractic adjustment for breach baby
Dr. Patrick Baker and Maggie O.

I came to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness for severe back pain two weeks before I was supposed to head to Germany.

I was in an accident when I was 18 and had back pain for years. I tried medications and epidurals but they didn’t get rid of the pain. I couldn’t walk and had pain so bad it made me cry.

After receiving treatment at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, I was able to go on my trip to Germany and even ended up walking 30 miles while there!

When I became pregnant, the added weight shifted and again caused the pain to become severe. It interfered with my daily life and everyday functions. I couldn’t even walk.

At approximately week 34-35 of my pregnancy, I found out that my baby was upside down (breach). His head was under my ribs.

I heard that the procedure by my OB to flip him was very painful and I didn’t want to have that done. I came to see Dr. Baker instead.

The chiropractic adjustment was very light and wasn’t painful at all. I had some Braxton-Hicks contractions and after just one treatment, I returned to my OB. The baby had already started to move. After the second treatment, he was in the right position, head down.

I would 100% recommend Baker Chiropractic and Wellness to anyone, and I often do!

I especially recommended Dr. Baker to my prenatal class.

– Maggie O.