Chiropractic Care 5 Times More Effective at Alleviating Pain

chiropractic for pain versus drugsThis research study published in The Journal of the Spine in 2003 shows the powerful effects that chiropractic care has when compared to acupuncture and medication. Not only is chiropractic FIVE TIMES more effective at alleviating pain than NSAID drugs and THREE TIMES more effective than acupuncture, but 47% of the chiropractic patients also experienced an improvement in overall health.

The true power of chiropractic is returning our bodies to a balanced state so that it can naturally heal and function itself at 100% and one of the benefits just happens to be pain relief. Not only are drugs less effective than chiropractic care, but 6.1% of the patients in this study experienced adverse events from the drug treatment compared to ZERO percent adverse events from chiropractic or acupuncture.

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Chiropractic Compared to Acupuncture and Drugs

Here’s a study published in the July 15, 2003 Journal of Spine titled “Chronic Spinal Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Medication, Acupuncture, and Spinal Manipulation.”

The Journal of the Spine published this article proving Chiropractic five times more effective at alleviating pain than NSAID drugs and three times more effectively than Acupuncture. The study results document the superiority of health care plan that treats pain with Chiropractic care.

The research findings also expanded much further beyond the topic of pain. The patients assigned to the group receiving Chiropractic care had experienced chronic pain for almost twice the amount of time as the subjects in the other two groups. The study reported that 47% of the subjects receiving Chiropractic care experienced an improvement in overall health. Only 15% of the Acupuncture group and just 18% of the drug therapy group reported an improvement in overall health.

Chiropractic professionals advocate the extensive benefits of nervous system care and current studies have done nothing but produce the irrefutable proof using the latest science and research.

The Journal of the Spine study draws a clear conclusion that drugs and their inherent side effects do not serve as a suitable substitute to true health. The group receiving Chiropractic care reported having chronic pain for an average of 8.3 years. Those using Acupuncture had experienced pain for approximately 6.4 years and patients using medication suffered chronic pain for 4.5 years. Within nine weeks of treatment, the 27.3% of patients getting Chiropractic adjustments reported being asymptomatic. That statistic compared with only 9.4% of the Acupuncture group and 5% of the medicinal group. None of the subjects receiving Chiropractic or Acupuncture reported suffering from any adverse events from their treatment. True to the disclaimers associated with all pharmaceuticals, 6.1% of the subjects treated with NSAIDs reported suffering an adverse event. Society swims in marketing campaigns designed to convince people that freedom from disease lives inside pharmaceutical drugs.

The Chronic Spinal Pain study produced a simple cross section of evidence that speaks more to the truth: 6.1% of study patients experienced adverse events from the drug treatment while only 5% reported long term pain alleviation.

Drug use provided the smallest likelihood of long term pain relief and a less than 20% chance of experienced improved overall health. Patients who experienced chronic pain for the longest amount of time were over four times more likely to feel pain relief through the much safer and much more powerful use of Chiropractic care. Nearly half of the Chiropractic patients also reported that nervous system care improved their overall health. Chiropractic did not develop as a means of alleviating pain but as an instrument to better, safer, more effective health care. A healthy nervous system translates into a body empowered by proper function and improved overall health.

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