The Chiropractic Care and Supplement Recommended by Dr. Baker Dissolved My Kidney Stones. There Are Natural Solutions to Avoid Surgery!

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Kidney Stone Patient Lori Hoffman
Lori Hoffman and Dr. Patrick Baker

Dear Dr. Baker,

I would like to thank you, Dr. Patrick Baker, for helping with not only with my ongoing back pain but for also offering a solution to my ten week battle with kidney stones.

I first sought out Dr. Baker’s help because I threw out my back and could barely move. I was desperate to find relief from my pain as our family had tickets for the All-Star Game festivities. I needed to be on my feet and mobile for the entire week. The treatment I received for my back and shoulder offered relief faster than I expected and I was able to attend all of the events and I could not thank Dr. Baker and his staff enough.

Then at the beginning of September I was rushed to the Emergency Room with severe pain in my left side. The emergency room doctor said I had a 5mm kidney stone and advised me to make an appointment with an urologist but I would have to wait two weeks. The ER supplied me with pain medication and Flow-Max medicines to assist with passing the stone.

The stone did not pass in those two weeks, so the doctor suggested that I give it two more weeks to try to flush it out and if it did not pass by then I would need two rather expensive surgeries.

After the second urologist appointment, I mentioned everything I was going through to Dr. Baker at my very next back therapy session. When we were discussing the options that were presented to me and the cost of the surgeries and Cat Scans. I wasn’t sure if he could offer any assistance but he was more than willing to listen when in reality “I was just hoping he could do something to help”.

Dr. Baker said there was a kidney stone supplement pill that might be able to help in lieu of the expensive alternatives. I figured what I had nothing to lose, as my trust in Dr. Baker was growing with every visit.

I followed the directions with the supplement taking one week’s worth and went back to the doctor and to my surprise they could no longer find the kidney stone on the x-ray. I also had a follow-up visit and they still could not find the kidney stone. I was elated.

So, Dr. Baker saved me from having two surgeries, the cost of the hospital stay, follow up visits and any further doctor visits. The CT scan at the ER alone was $3,186.00, so I can only imagine how much two surgeries would have cost.

I can’t thank Dr. Baker and his staff enough for all the help they have given me. My back has felt so much better, I am able to help landscape our yard, tear down our shed and haul away the wood with my children and husband.*

Thank you,
Lori Hoffman

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.