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I Wasn’t a Believer in This Chiropractic Stuff, But As Weeks Went By I Could Feel Change in My Body and My Energy Coming Back

“I would like to start off by saying it is a blessing to have Dr. Brock Frear in my life.

The injuries to my body probably started back in high school when I had a blow to the head from a sign falling from the ceiling in a grocery store where I was working. I was checked out by the doctor and they told me that I had minor injuries, but I had to file for worker’s compensation. I couldn’t turn my head to the left from this injury, but by being a teenager, you just go with the flow until the pain goes away.

As I got older and into my mid-30’s I noticed that I was having slight pains all throughout my shoulders, but everyone told me that it was stress from everyday life challenges. Things seemed to get worse as years went on. I would try every over-the-counter medicine for pain and it would help for a minute and then the pain would start back up. I tried ice packs and warm compress, but nothing seemed to take the pain away.

Last summer, I had an incident where I fell out of the tub on my left side and hit hard. I was so lucky that I didn’t break anything. Then, August of the same year, I was in a car accident, and the driver hit me on the left side of my car so that just added fuel to the fire.

The pain was getting so bad that I had no energy to do anything. My body always felt like I had a thousand tons of bricks on my shoulders. I would put a smile on my face at work just to make it through the day, but when I got home, the only thing I wanted to do was lay down. It was to the point where my daughter would want me to take her shopping and I didn’t have the energy to even do that.

One day I was at work and my co-worker told me about Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. I said I didn’t want to go because I’ve only heard bad things about chiropractors and I don’t want to be worse than I am now. She said just go talk with them and see what they say. So I made an appointment and went through all the procedures and was in shock of the damage on my neck, spine and hips. I started to cry and Dr. Brock told me that he would get me back to normal.

So, I started my routine and still wasn’t a believer in this chiropractic stuff, but as weeks went on, I could feel my body starting to change. Then after a few months, I could feel the energy coming back, and I could start to do more things with my daughter. Now, I feel myself walking taller and everything is going back in alignment like it’s supposed to be.

After 36 visits, I saw my x-rays and was amazed at the outcome. I was so happy I had to hug Dr. Brock twice and told him thank you so much for getting me back in the groove of things to where I could function. Again, I’m so happy to have him in my life!”*

– Tammy Brown

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