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Claims Linking Omega-3 to Prostate Cancer Are Not Valid

Omega 3 and prostate cancerRecent medical news headlines have been delivering messages about a new study that links omega-3 plasma levels to an increased risk of prostate cancer. These messages are misleading.

Dr. William Harris is an internationally recognized expert on omega-3. He has written an article responding to this study. In the article, Dr. Harris states:

“There are several critical clarifications that need to be made (regarding the study). First, the body of evidence on omega-3s and prostate cancer points to a neutral, if not beneficial, effect of fish oil on prostate cancer. In fact, the same team reported in 2010 that the use of fish oil supplements was not associated with any increased risk of prostate cancer.”

“The conclusion that omega-3 intake causes an increase in prostate cancer risk represents an unfortunate extrapolation far beyond the data and reflects a simple logical fallacy: correlation does not imply causation.”

To read the full article by Dr. William Harris, please click the following link:

The Omega-3 / Prostate Cancer Media Fiesta – Mistaking Correlation for Causation Puts Patients at Risk By Dr. Bill Harris