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Why I Think Dr Baker Went “Cookoo”: Today’s FREEBIE

Michael DiSalvo here again.  In my last email I shared with you a little bit about my own journey and the amazing woman we met in India whom we saw with our own eyes healed of MS and relieved of her painful condition.

I know Dr Baker himself is sure to hear outsiders doubt the truth of what he himself has done with his patients who are no longer suffering from so many devastating illnesses. But I’m sure he would also agree, proven by his “Cookoo” stance I’ll talk about today that some conditions impossible to reverse if major changes in diet are not made.

My own revelations in this category happened in phases, but there were two major incidents that drove me to start my own superfoods company and finally make the major strides I needed to so I could get out of the sick mode so I could start living again.

The first was after our pilgrimage to Europe.  It was truly the trip of a lifetime.  My wife was pregnant with our first child, and we were able to visit many famous and breath-taking  shrines that simply blew us away.

And since it was around Christmas and New Year’s we actually did a bit of fasting and gave up meat for a couple of days.  This was good, but there was one major problem:  BREAD.  I’ve heard the grains in Europe are better for you than in the USA, but choosing the convenience of French bread led me to a severe gluten overdose and I finally realized in a very profound way that CARBS and GLUTEN simply DEVASTATED my health.

The mass influx of bread in my life simply obliterated what remained of my health as we headed back to the USA.  Not only were the digestive issues off the scale, the pain in my joints was red hot by the time we arrived home.  After making enormous efforts to get to a chiropractor in Cincinnati, I remember a light touch to my left clavicle causing me to scream out in pain and almost pass out.  It took many months of adjustments and other therapies to stabilize my health, but there were still other challenges.

In fact, toward the end of my recovery, something even more terrible happened that changed our lives temporarily.

We lost one of our family members.

My illness had always been AS (ankylosing spondylitis), but his was diabetes.  Retiring and not actively look for more natural remedies for his diabetes, this family member ended up slipping away, very, very, quickly.

My wife and I were devastated. I’m not at liberty to go into all the details about the whole situation, but the only time I myself knew more pain and sorrow in my life was losing our own first child at full term.

This loss truly put as a breaking point. And it simply did not need to be.

You see, many people simply don’t realize that treating gluten and cutting down on carbs can do tremendous good to the body.  There are many reasons for this.  One big one is the gluten and pesticide glyphosphate that is on or in many foods. These cause leaky gut syndrome.  

In short, the little holes caused by the pesticides and gluten allow food to enter the bloodstream before it has broken down into the right size particles. The body ends up recognizing this food as the enemy, hence allergies and autoimmune disorders in general have taken over our society. The damage done to the gut in the average American diet is enormous, and this whole deteriorating digestive situations has been linked to every chronic or devastating illness you can think of:  autism, arthritis, diabetes, cancer.  You name it.

So having a decent understanding of this, I went out to find the best solution to helping people switch to a low carb, pesticide and gluten free diet with our first product:  coconut flour.  But it wasn’t enough for us to find this amazing gluten free, low glycemic, and low carb replacement for regular flour. We found the best. In fact, we are Amazon’s highest rated coconut flour on Amazon with a disproportionate number of 5-star reviews, no pesticides, no artificial stuff. 100% USDA organic. This is why Dr Baker has told me he has officially gone “Cookoo” (for Cookoo for Coconut Organic Coconut Flour!).

Why does he love it so much?

Our creamy white, smooth, coconut flour comes from freshly processed coconuts, not the old rancid ones others might use. No, no need to settle for tan or orange- or pink-tinged flour. Trying the best is fast and easy. In fact, not only can you win a bag in our superfood sweepstakes just by sharing. You can also take a gander at all the wonderful recipes we’ve attached below in our customer favorite: Great Coconut Flour Recipes, Savory and Sweet. It’s yours, free, just for keeping in touch with your friends at Baker Chiropractic ($2.97 on Kindle).

So, what are you waiting for? Do you have friends or family who might be helped by trying a healthier flour? It’s just one of the delicious prizes available for you in Cincinnati’s Pain Free Project (and we haven’t even gotten to the EV Coconut Oil or Ceylon Cinnamon yet!)