Corrective Chiropractic Care

Corrective Chiropractic CareGetting a patient out of pain without using prescription drugs or surgery is very important and one of the many benefits of chiropractic care. However, many chiropractors choose to limit their practice to pain relief only.

At Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, we are not just focused on relieving pain. We are also concerned with providing our patients a future life of health and wellness. This type of care is known as Corrective Chiropractic Care.

Research shows that when your spine and central nervous system are not in their proper position, they will degenerate silently. This allows organs to malfunction and become susceptible to disease. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen and our Corrective Chiropractic Care is the way we do that.

Special Type of Care Program

Our Corrective Chiropractic Care is a form of care aimed at keeping patients pain-free while also removing any and all interference with the Central Nervous System. This interference is called subluxation.

Corrective Chiropractic Care is conducted through a very specific and customized program of spinal adjustments, stretches and exercises that are unique for each patient.

The frequency of the Corrective Chiropractic Care is determined by the severity of subluxation and the position of a patient’s spine. Once all subluxations have been removed and normal alignment of the spine has been restored, a patient moves into a less-frequent maintenance program to make sure they are staying subluxation-free and their spine is properly aligned.

Questions To Ask

Here’s a list of questions to determine if a chiropractor is a Corrective Care Chiropractor (The answer should be “Yes” to all these questions) :

1. Do you take x-rays?

2. Do you get spinal listings off of the x-rays?

3. Is your goal to restore normal function or only symptom relief?

4. Do you take post x-rays to document the structural changes made?

5. Are you familiar with repairing disc injuries?

6. Do you work with post spinal surgery patients?

7. Do you work with Pediatrics and the Elderly?


At Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, we can answer an affirmative “YES” to all of these questions. That’s because we practice Corrective Chiropractic Care.

Patients come to us to find out what is causing their pain and finally get the relief they’ve been desperately searching to find. Once they escape their pain, they stay for a life of health and wellness. That’s what our Corrective Chiropractic Care is all about.

Whether you are living with pain now or not, we invite and encourage you to contact us and experience the many benefits our Corrective Chiropractic Care will provide you. Your future health and quality of life depend on the decisions you make today.

To learn more about our Corrective Chiropractic Care and Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, please contact us by calling 513-561-2273 or contact us via our website at any time.