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My Dad Wanted Me To Go To Dr. Baker and It Literally Changed My Life

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Patient Natalie S
Natalie S. and Dr. Patrick Baker

I started coming to Dr. Baker when I was 16 years old and I just started driving. It was perfect timing for me because I could drive over to Dr. Baker’s whenever I needed him vs. waiting on my parents.

I didn’t really start going to Dr. Baker’s for any sort of reason except that my dad wanted me to go because he said it made him feel so wonderful. He talked our whole family into going and I decided to go one day I would go. I do not really remember why I finally went but I did and I am so glad that I did!

Earlier that year I had suffered a tail bone injury that was probably really bad in medical eyes but I ended up never going to the doctor for it, I also play goalkeeper and do lots of pounding onto my body from running and jumping onto the hard ground. Over the years this has cause my body to be wracked out of place from just all the different movement I was doing. I never really even realized it and some of my friends said I used to walk really funny but I never really never knew what they meant by that.

In the end, I ended up going to Dr. Baker and receiving my first adjustment. I’ll actually never forget my first adjustment because it was so life changing, literally. Dr. Baker had a very hard time adjusting me as first, he said it was because I was soooooo stiff throughout my body.

It felt great at first then I went home and started feeling terrible. I had to go to bed around 7 o’clock or something because I was like I need to chill out after that adjustment. I woke up the next day though and felt amazing. I knew though I still needed a ton of work done on my body because my body had this stiffness to it that was preventing from doing movements and I didn’t even know it before.

It probably took a year to six months to where my body wasn’t so stiff anymore, after many adjustments a week and massages. After a while my friends said I lost that weird walk I used to have and my playing in soccer increased dramatically. I felt myself actually become more athletic, which I was super happy about because this was the year that colleges started looking at me. I now was able to perform at a higher level in front of these coaches and make my dreams come true.

Dr. Baker also helped me not have TMJ anymore and if I ever jammed up something in the body he would treat it, every single time.

I am very thankful that I met Dr. Baker. He changed my life with my body performance but his clinic is more than just adjustments. He cares about you and what you want to achieve in life which is why I always enjoy my visits.

I’ve known him now for 7 years and I think this is a friendship that will last, plus he always hires the best people to work with him. Mostly everyone in the that office has impacted my life in a way, especially Courtney trying to help me edit my essay, but going to Dr. Baker’s is about getting the whole package when you go and that is why his family clinic is so special to me.*

– Natalie S.

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