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The Day My Body Stopped Working

Michael again here.  I wrote a little in the last two segments about how Dr Baker has encouraged me to start the Pain Free Project about how I’ve seen some of the most terrible diseases healed with oils and spices. In fact, my own change in diet gave me the momentum to go from being painfully crippled to working full time to help others restore their own health.

But simply ditching gluten and wheat really wasn’t enough to keep my gains.

Never was this point more driven home than by the day I rather imprudently took my 3-year-old daughter to the playground before I started adding one last magical ingredient to my diet.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.36.41 PM

Hobbling on a somewhat sore hip isn’t that big of a deal to the normal person, but for me it was like tossing a red hot cigarette on a pile of bone-dry leaves. And trying to get not-so-little Lyddie’s legs out of the baby swing was just the stiff breeze to cause an unquenchable inferno that raged from my hipbone all the way around to center of my lower back.  

First every 20 or 30 feet I stopped and told myself I was going to make it. Then 10 or 20, then 5 or 10, and then…

nothing.  The pain was just too white hot to move even a millimeter. Like an episode months later, I was really tempted to just break down crying from the pain and helplessness.  No one was around. I couldn’t turn around. I couldn’t do anything— but hope my daughter would somehow make it another ¼ mile home to wake my wife’s from her afternoon nap.

As I sent Lyddie off with the most detailed and clear instructions I could, my hopes began to rapidly fade as in the distance she seemed to be walking in circles around our family car.  )  :

I decided to yell out for help.

I yelled and yelled and begged for help and really wondered how I’d get over the embarrassment of the situation.

By God’s mercy, a woman in a nearby house finally peaked out her head,

“Are you okay?”

“Can you do me a huge favor and call my wife?” (I’m really not sure how I kept my composure at this point).

An infinity later, Mary arrived, and I, somehow, one centimeter at a time, was able to bridge the enormous gulf from the sidewalk to the curb.

At this point I was crying.

Through some deep concentrated breathing while using my arms to lift my foot onto the gas pedal, I drove home the 400 or 500 feet I needed to so I could attempt to make it to my bed.

Many pills, some food, and a half hour later, I made it into the house somewhat more easily than I did into the car.

My head still hurts thinking about that pain, for it did not stop easily. And, as I’ve indicated, it did come back months later.

But not any more.

So what was my big breakthrough?

I believe it was coconut oil.  Knowing I was absolutely, positively, not going to destroy my body with any medications that were going to make my leaky gut worse or destroy any other system of my body, I became very determined.

I used healing bone broth, Restore (a prebiotic supplement), juicing, and coconut oil to stop the klebsiella in its tracks.

That’s right. For many of us, there are actually microorganisms really to blame for the inflammation in our body. Not just arthritis either, even diseases like diabetes occur because too much of the bad bacteria thrive, causing a toxic mess that leads to an inflammatory response.

So, how does coconut oil make a difference?  

Extra virgin cold-pressed organic coconut oil is naturally antibiotic and antiseptic.  This is why it is effective to not only help with digestive issues and inflammation in the body, it even helps on the outside with wound healing.  

I believe the coconut oil was the final ingredient to help me keep fluid movement so I could make the biggest breakthrough in my health in 25 years:  to go from being 27 years old on 13 medications (ranging up to $5000 a month when I later had to go the hospital for infusions) to being off medication completely at age 42.

And don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying if you do the same you will definitely be 100% pain free. You may have your bad days (maybe  the result of “cheating” or some bad weather). And you might even need a “treat” to get to the next day.

But what would it be like to be mobile, have a clear mind, and know you’re getting better every day because you’re giving your body a chance to heal itself?

This is exactly why I’d love for you to join me in the Pain Free Project.

We all need a little help at times staying on track and getting some support.

And our bodies need a little extra kick too to create the environment that supports healing.

So can you do this one little favor for yourself right now.

Write down your health goals.

Where do you want to be. Where are you now.

As you continue to take steps forward to reach your ideal self, you will be encouraged as you look back and see the progress you have made.

Think about how many great doctors for so many thousands of years have labored to discover the secrets of good health. I pass on this gift to you. Will you help me share it with others?

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