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The Deadliest Substance in India

Michael here again. I hope you’re enjoying your week.

I’m sure you recognize at this point that I’m just CRAZY (at least Cookoo!) about superfoods, and honestly I HAVE TO be.  I’ve been pretty rough with my body and it takes something special to bring it back to life.

But don’t underestimate the power of what I just said, either. Superfoods are great and can you give great mental and physical strength to deal with all sorts of situations life might throw your way, but there is one particular substance I found in India that you should definitely AVOID.

Never did this become more clear to me than when I saw it in India for myself.

Knowing that the ancient, almost magical, scrolls of Ayurveda that had been passed on for thousands of years had helped cure some of the worst diseases, I was expecting to see all sorts of wonderous feats done to restore the people there to health (if they even had to work hard at it in the first place!).  After all, what would I expect but for the recipients of the arcane ayurvedic tradition to treasure this knowledge with their very lives?

But what I saw truly disturbed me and really came to a crescendo in one event..

We were over a relative’s house who was once truly the “King of the Hill”.  No, not some backward hillbilly with bad grammar that people would poke fun of as a silly cartoon. This man had been a mighty giant that everyone feared. No one dared cross him, and just the uttering of his name struck fear into his potential and real enemies.  

Hearing about his reputation, I myself was fearful walking up the hill in which he lived, though now he was past his prime.  However, when I looked inside I saw no upright man of vigorous health that anyone would be afraid of.  Instead, I saw a tired, feeble, debilitated soul, so badly defeated that even to get around in bed he used a system of gnarled ropes.

I don’t know if I was more scared or shocked.

Apuchin, as we called him, could barely talk and seemed dazed.  We stood there silently for a long while. I was embarrassed.

What had happened to this mighty man to end up in this condition? Bedridden, so very dependent on his wife and servant, and at the mercy of his guests.

After some time, the answer slipped out.

He whispered something in Malayalam.

I pried for a translation.

“He wants to know if we have candy”.

I was dumbstruck.

It all finally made sense.

I hadn’t figured that sugar was the new and ultimate destroyer of India until I heard it from the horse’s mouth.

You see, almost every one of the Indians I spoke to there over 40 years old seemed to be either diabetic or pre-diabetic. I don’t know if it was the candy (though the amount I noticed in the stores there after being away for three years was shocking) or if it was a high-carb diet. Maybe it was even the lack of physical work in the average person’s day (as I’ve stated, Kerala is actually the most educated places in the world with 99% of it’s people being literate).  

But it wasn’t just diabetes.

There were the mental disorders and other illnesses that Indian herbs at one time were so well-known to remediate.

What in the world had happened?

Look, before I go on. I want to make it clear that I myself have done stupid things to hurt my own health.  It’s easy to blame parents or vaccinations or Big Pharma and the like, but ultimately, we all get to a point when we can make a decision to get better.  But it seemed to me that many people in India, like here in the USA, had taken the quick path of allopathy that offers pills for symptoms rather than herbs for cures.

Commercials can be powerful, quick can be powerful, and even promises from those in lab coats with prestigious degrees can be very powerful.  But in the end, we need to be wise investors, and not go with any get-healthy-quick-scheme (ie trade one symptom for another). Go with what definitely works, even if it needs a little time.

That’s true wisdom.

So before I let you go, I want to tell you about something special I’m sure you are at least slightly familiar with that you can pass on to help a friend with blood sugar issues. Because let’s get serious. It’s not just India.

In 2012, about 35% of us had diabetes or pre-diabetes.  Today, it is up to nearly 50% of the population.

Are we going to keep playing around with magic pills or do what’s always gotten the job done?

The common sense solution I’m speaking about is Ceylon Cinnamon.  With its healing properties, it was treasured so much at one time that people paid more for it than gold itself. Could we be so blind to not only overlook not only history but the 100s of studies that show its effectiveness regulating blood sugar levels and the like?

The good news is that there is a group of people that are responding.  

In fact, we ourselves have had to work very hard to not sell out of our own Ceylon cinnamon powder on Amazon.  So though we don’t have a steady supply in Cincinnati quite yet, (it’s coming in late July), we are giving some away because of our friendship with Baker Chiropractic.

I’m sure you know people who have diabetes, if you yourself don’t suffer from it already.  I know it’s a challenge, is costly, and really drains you.  But I’ve seen enough to know you can do something about it.

So why not get started in a simple way than let your life or the life of your loved one get more complicated?

Help yourself and help others by spreading the word through our Superfood Sweepstakes and make little changes that make such a huge difference in reaching your health goals in a completely painless way.  Time is running out as the Sweepstakes is coming to a close. Good luck and please spread the word  that can change someone’s life!