DepressionFeeling sad and depressed at times is perfectly normal. In fact, it’s part of life. For most people, these feelings are short-lived. The sadness and depression quickly fade and there is a return to a daily life filled with hope, optimism, confidence, positive self-esteem and happiness.

When people suffer from depression, they find it difficult to escape intense feelings of helplessness, hopelessness an worthlessness. Depression controls their lives, steals their energy and makes it extremely difficult to function. Because of the disorder, it’s hard for people to see the beauty in themselves and in others. Depression is a lonely place filled with frustration and darkness.

What causes depression? There is no single isolated cause. It can be triggered by a variety of different reasons including things like the loss of a loved one, the ending of a personal relationship, severe financial troubles, obesity or even a medication. Often times, pain or an injury cause people to fall victim to depression.

People diagnosed with depression are typically prescribed antidepressant medications. However, these antidepressant medications come with a long list of negative side effects as outlined below. Like many medications, antidepressants provide no cure for depression. They merely mask the symptoms.

At Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, we offer a proven treatment method for overcoming depression that doesn’t involve expensive prescription medications. It’s an approach that has delivered our patients with positive results for over 20 years.

If you are battling depression, you can overcome it an we will help you. Please contact us by calling 513-561-2273 or schedule an appointment via our website at any time. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and relieved once you discover what our chiropractic care may do for you and how it may help you escape the grips of depression once and for all.

Signs and Symptoms

When depression is taking over someone’s life, the signs and the symptoms will vary. Warning signs are a negative change in your general mood, noticeable decrease in energy and a loss of interest in activities you have always enjoyed.

Other common symptoms of depression include one or more of the following:

  1. Difficulty focusing and remembering details.
  2. Chronic fatigue.
  3. Consistent feelings of worthlessness or guilt.
  4. Indecision.
  5. Pessimism.
  6. Overeating or loss of appetite.
  7. Insomnia or hypersomnia (excessive sleeping)
  8. Irritability.
  9. Restlessness.
  10. Inability to experience pleasure.

Pain and Depression

Living with chronic pain makes everyday life challenging. Easy tasks become difficult both physically and emotionally. Over the long term, pain can lead to depression and when depression sets in the pain gets magnified even more.

Pain can also hide depression or make it difficult to identify and diagnose. Traditional medical treatments will usually prescribe medications to treat the pain. However, pain medications can make depression worse. The link between pain and depression lead to many misdiagnosis and the prescribing of expensive medications that do nothing beneficial whatsoever.

The Problem with Antidepressants

The following is a sample of the long list of depression medications (antidepressants) widely prescribed throughout the United States today. These medications are heavily advertised and it’s likely you’ve seen one or all these drugs in a TV commercial:

  1. Abilify
  2. Celexa
  3. Cymbalta
  4. Prozac
  5. Zoloft

The problem with antidepressant medications is they offer no cure for depression and frequently cause a wide variety of unpleasant side effects, including:

  1. Nausea
  2. Increased appetite and weight gain
  3. Loss of sexual desire and other sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction
  4. Fatigue and drowsiness
  5. Insomnia
  6. Dry mouth
  7. Blurred vision
  8. Constipation
  9. Dizziness
  10. Agitation
  11. Irritability
  12. Anxiety

The idea of spending the rest of their lives taking prescription medication with the side effects listed above is very concerning to most people.

How Our Chiropractic Care Works

The brain controls the entire body and communicates its signals through the brain stem, spine and nerves. When something interferes with these signals it can cause all types of health issues.

Our chiropractic care focuses on restoring and maintaining the body’s central nervous system, keeping it free from interferences known as subluxations. If not removed, subluxations can prevent an injury from properly healing or subluxations can lead to imbalances and abnormalities in the body resulting in injury, illness, disorder or disease along with the symptoms that accompany all these health problems such as chronic pain.

While removing subluxations and restoring the health of your central nervous system are the primary elements of our chiropractic care, the positive atmosphere and our passion for optimizing health and wellness are also key factors that contribute to our effectiveness.

Here’s a real-life example of how we help people escape pain and depression as told by one our patients:

Dr. Brock Frear and Laura K.

Dr. Brock Frear and Laura K.

“If it weren’t for God leading me to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, I would still be in pain and hopeless about it. I put my trust in medical doctors, and they could not help me. Much of the time, it felt like the doctors I went to didn’t even believe me – passing me off as a hypochondriac – that my symptoms were “all in my head”. They only gave me drugs to treat symptoms or gave me unnecessary surgeries for things that could have been helped with chiropractic care.

Although two years ago I was suffering from a long list of ailments, I came to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness because I had been having debilitating pain in the back of my head and neck. I used to think my health would just get worse with time and I secretly wished I would die young because I didn’t want to think about the level of pain I would be in thirty years down the road – I was already in a great deal of pain presently!

Much to my surprise, Dr. Brock Frear told me he could not only help me with my head and neck, but help me with pretty much everything else I was suffering from! Truthfully, I was skeptical at first – I had been disappointed so many times before. But the fact that he simply believed me and sympathized with me made me want to give him a chance to prove his promises. After many reassurances, hugs, education on healthy lifestyle choices, plenty of adjustments, treatments, and home exercises – I am a new woman! The headaches are gone, and when they occasionally try to take hold of me again, adjustments make them disappear!

I have gone completely off the antidepressants I had taken for years of depression, I have lost over thirty pounds, I no longer need cortisone shots in my knees nor suffer daily knee pain, my digestion is much improved, and currently the doctors are getting rid of my hiatal hernia!

Surgeries are my last resort now, and the supplements offered at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness take the place of drugs (with no side effects and better results). The doctors at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness would love to talk with you – or rather HELP you! They know they can – they have proven results!

They genuinely care and are passionate about helping people. Many of them have been in dire circumstances themselves before they found how well chiropractic care works. They are like a family – waiting to adopt everyone who comes in with a desire to be physically well and bless those people with a priceless gift – hope for a brighter future. I am temporarily grateful to be one of  those people!”

– Laura K.

Take Control and Feel Good Again

There is an answer for depression and that answer doesn’t include dependence on prescription medications. Take control of your life and feel good about yourself and about others once again with our chiropractic care.

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