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I Agonized Over My Daughter’s Scoliosis Until Chiropractic Corrective Care Provided Her Results!

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Scoliosis Patient Sophia Gordon
Sophia Gordon

“My daughter, Sophia, was diagnosed with early onset scoliosis at the age of 8. Even though the doctor indicated that early onset scoliosis often has the worst prognosis, the only thing he offered was a watch and wait approach.  He would reevaluate her spine every 6 months. If and when the curvature reached 25+ degrees, her only options would be to wear a back brace for 23 out of 24 hours per day or have surgery.

Although it was only 11 degrees at the time, I agonized over my daughter’s future due to the lack of corrective care options presented, in addition to learning of the death of a friend’s relative that suffered from severe scoliosis.  We anxiously played the watch and wait game for 2 years, feeling happy when there was little change and devastated as the degree of curvature jumped up to 19 degrees at the age of 10.  At that appointment, the orthopedist spent less than 5 minutes with us, announcing the degree of curvature and then requesting we come back in 6 months. Only after questioning him (as he began exiting the room) did he indicate that he would begin bracing her back when her curvature went over 20.

Over the course of those two years, when asked if chiropractic care could correct scoliosis or help in any way, 3 different pediatric orthopedists said absolutely not and highly discouraged us from pursuing chiropractic care. “We would be wasting our money” and “chiropractic care could harm our child” were the messages we received.   This is ABSOLUTELY FALSE!

Under the care of Dr. Patrick Baker, Sophia’s scoliosis was reduced to 9 degrees in just 8 weeks! By traditional medical standards, Sophia no longer has scoliosis.  We will continue to work with Dr. Baker to decrease the remaining curvature; however, even if there was no further improvement, Sophia no longer has to worry about bracing or surgery. Traditional orthopedists do not treat a curvature of 9 degrees.

When asked about chiropractic treatment, what traditional healthcare providers should really say is that they are not qualified to respond. Instead of admitting their lack of medical training in chiropractic, they immediately use their medical “expertise” to frighten parents away from the (chiropractic) practitioners that may actually be able to help them. It deeply saddens and disturbs me that many people avoid chiropractors because of the information their traditional doctors provide. Had we not been personally referred to Dr. Patrick, we probably never would have pursued chiropractic treatment for Sophia’s scoliosis. Sophia would have endured bracing and possibly unnecessary surgery. Thanks to the care Dr. Patrick has provided, I no longer fear pediatric chiropractic care.  I have complete confidence that Dr. Patrick has my family’s best interest at heart and will do everything possible to keep my family well.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Baker for treating Sophia’s scoliosis and providing care that promotes wellness. We are clients, not patients, for life.  In addition to expressing my gratitude, I hope that my testimonial will encourage parents of children diagnosed with scoliosis to try corrective chiropractic care at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. It’s the wisest healthcare decision we have ever made for our child.”*

– Juli Gordon

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.