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Doc Talk with the Bakers TV Show Debuts July 5th!

Doc Talk with the Bakers on Cincinnati Fox19Dr. Paul Baker’s and Dr. Patrick Baker’s new TV show “Doc Talk with the Bakers” will debut on July 5, 2014 on Cincinnati Fox19.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick will be discussing a variety of specific health topics to help viewers find solutions for all types of pain and guide them to a future filled with health, wellness and happiness.

“It’s our goal to educate viewers about painful health conditions, answer their questions and help them discover how our chiropractic care works, why it does and what it will do for them”, exclaimed Dr. Paul Baker.

“Our debut show is all about different types of headaches”, said Dr. Patrick Baker. “Headaches are common ailments that many people deal with on a daily basis. They start relying on highly advertised over-the-counter options like ibuprofen and acetametaphin to get them through a day or they get prescribed powerful medications that only provide short-term relief but leave them dealing with many side effects. We want to enlighten viewers about headaches and educate them about safe and proven solutions that do not involve medications or surgery”, he added.

Doc Talk with the Bakers will air the first Saturday of every month on Cincinnati Fox19 at 9:45 AM immediately following the FOX19 Weekend Morning News Saturday.

To learn more, contact Baker Chiropractic and Wellness at (513) 561-2273 or send us a website message.