Dr. Baker Provided The Most Accurate, Expert Opinion and Treatment for My Daughter

Brooke Tartar and Dr. Patrick Baker
Brooke and Dr. Patrick

My 13 year old daughter, Brooke, experienced a very serious fall, directly on the top of her head while doing a back handspring during her tumbling class.

I was watching her tumble, and as she was flipping backward in the air, she landed on her head. All of her body weight came down on her head. Obviously, we were both very scared after this incident. Brooke was in a lot of pain and I was concerned that she had a concussion or even worse. Brooke is my only child and her health and well being are my top priority.

What I remember most, as we were walking out of the gymnasium, was feeling comforted that I could take her to be examined by Dr. Patrick Baker. I was so grateful to know that he would be able to examine her and let me know exactly what damage had been done and what treatment she would need to hopefully make a full recovery.

I cannot express in words, the feeling of relief and comfort I felt when I walked into Dr. Patrick’s office. I knew we were in the best hands possible. Dr. Baker immediately asked all the necessary questions and accurately assessed Brooke’s injury. He treated her neck and spine and within 2 weeks she was back to 100%.

This incident caused me me to realize that I have 100% trust and confidence in Dr. Patrick’s judgment and skills. Considering the fact that my daughter’s injury was to her head/neck/spine, getting the most accurate, expert opinion and treatment was imperative to me.

Had I been left with no other option but to take Brooke to an urgent care, I would have had doubts and concerns as to whether or not she was receiving the right care.

I realized that I have much more confidence in Dr. Baker than ANY other hospital, doctor, urgent care or specialist. I knew without the slightest of doubt, that I could fully trust Dr. Patrick with my daughter’s life. This injury could have been life changing, and without knowing the severity, the only person I trusted to asses her needs was Dr. Baker.

I am so grateful to have Dr. Baker and his staff available to me to give me the peace of mind of knowing that my daughter is getting the best care possible.*

– Betsy Tartar

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