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Dr. Baker’s Special Chiropractic Technique for a Breach Baby Flipped My Baby Into Position So I Could Deliver Naturally

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Patient Breach Baby
Dr. Patrick Baker and DJ

Hi,  My name is DJ and I am 30 weeks pregnant. I was 28 weeks pregnant when I told Dr. Patrick Baker that my baby is breach.

Dr. Patrick gave me his book (Enlightening, Adjusting and Saving Lives) to read – the section on breach babies and the adjustment he can do to help flip the baby. I read the passage in the book and the following week he adjusted me to help flip the baby.

The following day I had an ultrasound scheduled and the baby had flipped and was ready and in the right position to deliver naturally.

I definitely recommend this adjustment and I am so excited to have doc do this for me. It was a smooth and an easy adjustment. It definitely worked for me.*


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