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The Excruciating Pain Caused by My Sciatic Nerve is Gone!

Ever since I was in elementary school, I can remember suffering from horrible hip, leg, neck and back pain. My daily activities and sleeping were a challenge due to the pain. Throughout the years I have been seen by several physicians. I was told my hips are not aligned and I suffer from sciatica. Unfortunately, the only treatment for this would be surgery or pain medication. I refused.

I also suffered from severe migraines that were so intense I could not function. I would have to sit alone in a dark room and wait out the pain. Again, not a single physician could tell me why I was having such horrible migraines, and the only treatment was another pain pill. So, for several years I dealt with the pain, the sleepless nights, the burning in my hips, back pain, and migraines. I figured this was just my way of life, because I refused to manage my pain with pain medication.

In November of 2013 my sciatic nerve struck again. The pain was so intense I fell to my knees. For several days I could not stand up straight due to the pain. Again, I went to my family physician and I was told there is nothing you can do, but here is a pain pill. I refused the treatment and walked out feeling hopeless, and could not understand why I suffered from all of this pain.

Then a friend and patient of Baker Chiropractic and Wellness referred me to their office. All of my life I have been told chiropractors are frauds and they only cause more damage. Plus, not a single physician advised me to see a chiropractor, so I figured there’s a good reason. At this point, I had no other options. I called Baker Chiropractic and made an appointment.

On my first appointment I was very honest with Dr. Brock Frear and advised him that I am very skeptical, chiropractic does not work and I only made an appointment because this was my last option. Dr. Frear understood my concerns and walked me through the chiropractic process, how the body works and how chiropractic can help. He also showed me my X-rays and I was horrified and confused. How was my spine in such bad shape? Why didn’t any of my prior doctor visits suggest X-rays to check my spine? Why was a pill always the answer? Dr. Frear also explained how my spine held the key to many other illnesses that I was suffering or have suffered from such as asthma, thyroid cancer and constant colds. I had no idea the importance of a healthy spine and how it could affect my overall health.

After my very first visit I was a true believer. Instead of a handing me a pill and sending me on my way, Dr. Frear took the time to help me understand why I had such pain and how we could treat it without a magic pill. After my first adjustment I felt so much relief and I could finally stand up straight. It was amazing!!! I could not believe it.

After a few months of treatment Dr. Frear took a second set of X-rays to see if there was any improvement. I did not need to see the X-ray to know there was improvement, because I had already felt so much relief. The burning sensation in my hips is gone and reduced dramatically in my neck, the excruciating pain caused by my sciatic nerve is gone, my legs stopped twitching, my posture has improved and I have yet to get a migraine or a cold!

When I saw the improvement from my first set of X-rays to the second set of X-rays, my eyes filled with tears. I could not believe how much my spine and hips improved! The results were absolutely amazing. The best part of this experience was I didn’t have to take a single pill or have surgery!

I am a true believer of Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. I truly understand the importance of a healthy spine! Thank you Baker Chiropractic you have truly made a difference in my health and overall well-being.*

– Mandy Hampton


If you or someone you know suffers from sciatic pain, we can help! Please contact us by calling (513) 561-2273 or schedule an appointment at any time via our website.

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.