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I Limped in Here with Extreme Right Hip Pain, Now I Can Walk Again!

Baker Chiropractic patient with righht hip pain Merry T
Merry and Dr. Kelly Duffner

Thank you Dr. Kelly (Duffner)! You are such a weekly encouragement to me. I remember the day I limped into your office with extreme right hip pain and Kaleb said, “We’re going to help you Merry!”

I believe in chiropractic care, but I have to say, I’ve never experienced the level of care that I have received at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness in any other doctors’ offices.

Before coming here, I was prescribed a Prednisone Burst for 5 days. It was not helping so I turned to chiropractic care. I had gone to a chiropractor years ago for my back. Therefore, I wasn’t skeptical at all when I came here. I was just hoping and praying that Dr. Kelly could help me.

Four months after coming to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, the pain has diminished greatly and I’m improving weekly. I can walk again. I am so much better and looking forward to resuming my daily 4.5 mile walks.

It’s so nice to have a doctor that truly cares about you. I feel welcomed and loved. It’s great to be able to trust someone and know they are going to really help you… not just put a Band-Aid on the problem.

Your office staff is kind and helpful. You really care about me!

If I would have not come here, I would still be in a lot of pain and on medications that only mask the pain instead of getting rid of it.

Merry T.