Free Yoga Demonstration at Our West Chester, Ohio Clinic

Yoga with PoojaThere will be a free yoga demonstration at our West Chester Clinic location on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 6:15 PM.

Pooja Malhotra from Yoga with Pooja in Mason, Ohio will be giving this free yoga demonstration immediately following our regularly scheduled Max T3 Exercise class.

About Pooja

Pooja discovered the world of yoga as a kid and began teaching in her teens. Today 25+ years later, she has evolved her yoga discovery into a dedicated practice. She is very excited to help you find ‘your’ yoga practice. She has served on the board of Cincinnati Yoga Teachers Association and has been featured on the radio talk show “YOGA: The other 98%”. She is very passionate about incorporating proper alignment, posture, breathing and connection between body & mind in her yoga classes.

List of Yoga Topics Pooja Will Talk About

Yoga 101 – What is Yoga? Different Yoga Styles?

Better Posture 101

Home Practice for Healthy Spine

If you have questions or need additional details, please call our Baker Chiropractic and Wellness West Chester Clinic location at (513) 759-4666.