Gonstead Chiropractic Technique

Gonstead approach to spinal misalignmentThere are many different adjustment methods used by chiropractors to correct spinal misalignments, joint problems and remove subluxation. One of the most advanced of these scientific methods is known as The Gonstead Chiropractic Technique or The Gonstead System.

This is a technique we follow and adhere to closely at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. It enables us to help patients with the most complicated problems in the shortest amount of time. However, it is not a technique that all chiropractors can or will do.

The Gonstead System requires allocating more time with patients and mastering the art of delivering a specific type of adjustment to a precise location of the body. Following this method takes a lot of dedication, training and practice. With more than 20 years of experience following The Gonstead System, we can confidently call ourselves “Gonstead Chiropractors”.

If pain, injury, illness, disorder or disease is affecting your life or the life of a friend or family member, the advanced chiropractic care delivered by the Gonstead technique that we practice at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness is likely to provide you with the solution you’ve been searching so hard to find.

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Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead

The Gonstead System is a chiropractic technique developed through the extensive clinical research conducted by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead. Dr. Gonstead practiced chiropractic care in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin for over 55 years. He earned a reputation as the “miracle man” due to the effectiveness of his chiropractic adjustments. Patients throughout the world traveled to Dr. Gonstead’s clinic seeking his care for all types of health problems.

With a background in mechanical engineering, Dr. Gonstead viewed the human spine as an engineering wonder and he studied it like no one before him  had ever done. His work with thousands of spinal cases, his constant clinical studies of the spine, and his own innate knowledge of how the spine worked allowed him to identify, locate and treat subluxations when no one else could. This, coupled with his special gift of genuinely  caring for people, gave him the ability to stop pain and promote the healing process.

Dr. Gonstead’s dedication to patients and his work ethic were unparalleled. A typical day for him began at 8:00 AM and ended at 3:00 AM the next morning. He often slept for only 4 hours per day. The small Wisconsin town where he practiced only had 1400 residents, yet he saw over 200 patients per day, seven days a week. He never advertised his chiropractic clinic. Yet, he consistently drew patients via word of mouth from several hundred miles away and around the world.

His original chiropractic clinic was a one-room office above a bank in downtown Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. So many patients began to seek his care that they were often spilling out of his office, all the way down the stairs and onto the sidewalk. Dr. Gonstead built a much larger clinic in downtown Mt. Horeb but within a few years his practice outgrew that facility too. Then, he set out to build the largest, most sophisticated chiropractic clinic in the world at that time just outside Mt. Horeb.

Dr. Clarence Gonstead Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Clarence Gonstead

In 1964, the new Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic was opened. The facility boasted 29,000 square feet, a laboratory, research facilities, and various seminar rooms for teaching. In 1965, a full-service hotel was added adjacent to the clinic to accomodate the constant stream of out of town patients. Dr. Gonstead’s reputation had expanded beyond the United States and he had patients flying in from all over the world.

At the time of his death in 1978 at the age of 80, Dr. Gonstead had become an internationally renowned chiropractic physician recognized for his research studies; his uncanny technique, which healed patients in one-third the time that it took most other treatment programs; and his reputation for treating complex health problems. What earned him the most acclaim though, was the number of fellow chiropractors he treated. He earned the reputation as being the chiropractor’s chiropractor.

The Gonstead System

The Gonstead System goes way beyond what many chiropractors consider to be a thorough spinal assessment. It uses five criteria of spinal analysis to detect the presence of vertebral subluxation complex. These five comprehensive areas include:

1. Visualization — Visualization is a way to cross reference all the other findings. A chiropractor trained and experienced with The Gonstead System is an expert in identifying subtle changes in your posture and your movements that indicate problem areas.

2. Instrumentation — The instrument of choice in The Gonstead System is the Nervoscope. The Nervoscope detects uneven distributions of heat along the spine which can be indicative of inflammation and nerve pressure. This instrument is guided down the length of your back and feels like two fingers gliding down each side of your spine.

3. Static Palpation — This is the process of feeling your spine in a stationary position. A chiropractor trained and experienced with The Gonstead System feels for the presence of swelling, tenderness and any abnormal texture or tightness in the tissues of your back.

4. Motion Palpation — This process involves feeling the spine while moving and bending it at various angles. This enables a chiropractor trained and experienced with The Gonstead System to determine how easily or difficult each segment in your spine moves in different directions.

5. X-Ray Analysis — X-ray films enable a chiropractic physician to visualize the entire structure of your spine. This is helpful in evaluating posture, joint and disc integrity, vertebral misalignments and ruling out any pathologies, or recent fractures that may be present or contributing to the patient’s condition. These full-spine radiographs are taken in the standing, weight-bearing position to fully substantiate the examination findings.

Once the exact location of the problem is identified using the  above criteria, it allows a “Gonstead Chiropractor” like us to administer customized types of chiropractic adjustments in targeted locations of the body to correct the specific subluxation that is causing the health problem.

Gonstead Approach Helped These Patients

Here are real-life stories from one of our patients and a video telling the story of a patient who sought the care of a fellow “Gonstead  Chiropractor”.

These stories are great examples that show how The Gonstead System helps us to accurately identify the root cause of complex health problems when others cannot. Once the source of the health issues are discovered, Gonstead Chiropractors can treat them using precise chiropractic adjustments. The Gonstead approach not only helps identify the source of a health problem, it also enables the problem to be corrected in the shortest time possible.

Juli Gordon and Dr. Patrick Baker

Juli G. with Dr. Patrick Baker

“My name is Juli and I’ve been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Patrick Baker at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness for 5 weeks.

What has Dr. Patrick done for me? He has done something no other orthopaedist, chiropractor, spine specialist, massage therapist, physical therapist or medication could do. He has given me back my life.

For the past 2 years, pain has robbed me from living an active lifestyle. 2 years ago, at the age of 46, I was an avid marathon runner and triathlete. Over the years I’ve had some back pain, hip pain, and SI joint pain, but nothing that could ever keep me from enjoying a very active lifestyle. Life isn’t worth living if I can’t be on the go.

Due to my own stupidity of running a marathon on an injured foot, I found myself in an air cast and crutches on and off again for about 4 months. Although my foot heeled, somehow by hobbling around in a boot, I developed excruciating lower back pain that left me completely incapacitated. Now instead of running, biking and swimming, I found myself unable to do even the simplest tasks around the house without experiencing a stabbing pain in my lower back.

Turning to look out a car window, picking up heavy objects, even sitting up in bed were very painful. Sleeping became an impossible feat. I could only lay on my back, literally unable to roll to either side due to pain. The stiffness and inflammation that would build up in the nighttime would leave me barely able to get out of bed and walk in the morning. I became very unsteady on stairs. With the exception of walking, my beloved daily exercise became a thing of the past. I couldn’t understand how I went from being in peak physical condition to a feeble state in a matter of months. No MRI, specialist or therapist could identify and treat the invisible bullet in my back. I sadly resigned myself to the fact that I would live with chronic pain for the rest of my life.

That all changed when I met Dr. Patrick Baker. Dr. Patrick, using the Gonstead apporach to chiropractic, immediately identified the problem. He was confident, even when I wasn’t, that he could restore my body and decrease my pain.

After 2 years of failed attempts by other providers, in only 5 weeks, Dr. Patrick has decreased much of my pain and allowed me to return to a normal life. Not only can I do simple things like rolling over in bed, turning in my car, and picking up heavy items, I am now able to do intense gym workouts – performing exercises I haven’t been able to do for 2 years! I’m so confident that I am on the road to recovery that I am already planning for my next, most challenging marathon yet, in just 6 months.

I am totally sold on corrective chiropractic and The Gonstead Approach. I will continue to do my home therapy and receive consistent chiropractic care temporarily. If I feel this good in only 5 weeks, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me 6 months from now. I’ll let everyone know how I’m feeling AFTER I finish that marathon!”

– Juli G.

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