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Headache Pain – July is All About Showing You How to Escape It!

Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker discuss headaches
Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker

We hope you’re having a great summer!

This is the time of year that should be really fun. Enjoy the outdoors. Take that vacation. Do what makes you happy.

When you do all of those things, you shouldn’t be battling headaches, but many people do.

That’s why we’ve been focusing on headaches during the month of July.

We want to show you how to escape headache pain and stop the daily dependency on headache medications like ibuprofen and acetametaphin.

Here’s how you can learn more about headaches and why our chiropractic care is so effective in relieving headache pain:

1. Doc Talk with the Bakers TV Show

Our new TV show, Doc Talk with the Bakers debuted on Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 9:45am immediately following the FOX 19 Weekend Morning News. Our first show was all about Headaches.

To watch the July 5th show of Doc Talk with the Bakers and see the questions people asked about headaches, please visit the following link:

2. Half Hour to Health TV Infomercial

Why is our chiropractic care so safe and effective with headaches?

Watch our infomercial Half Hour to Health and find out why. This 30-minute program has been airing on TV throughout the Cincinnati area since the beginning of the year. It educates people on how and why chiropractic care is so effective for a wide variety of health conditions (including headaches) and features real-life stories from patients of all ages and from all walks of life.

You can watch Half Hour to Health by tuning into FOX19 on July 19th at 1:00PM.

You can also view Half Hour to Health on our website by visiting this link:
or watch on YouTube:

3. What Our Patients Say About Relieving Their Headaches

It’s our focus and our mission to get people out of pain and on the road to health and wellness. Results are the true test to determine if our chiropractic care is the solution for headache pain.

Here’s an example of what our patients say:

“I had seen a few different doctors about my headaches and had multiple tests run and given a few different prescriptions.

Dr. Baker explained what he thought was causing my constant headaches and the success rate that they have with headaches at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. After a few visits, my back did not bother me anymore. More importantly, my headaches where gone.

Dr. Baker was able to cure what 3 doctors including a Neurologist could not.”

-Robert Pape

Read more testimonials by visiting the following link:

4. Ask Us Questions About Headaches!

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about how we can help, ask us your questions and we will respond promptly!

Call us at (513) 561-CARE (2273) or send us a message here from our website.

We will answer your question and we may even use your question on our Doc Talk with the Bakers TV Show.

When it comes to headaches, educate yourself, learn what others say about their experience with our chiropractic care and then contact us to see how we will help you.

Yours Truly in Health and Wellness,
Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick