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Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines

Nearly everyone will suffer an occasional headache, it’s almost inevitable. However, you shouldn’t have to suffer from intense or frequent headaches. It’s not normal.

A lot of people treat their headaches with over-the-counter medications. Often times, the use of these medications increases dramatically. You may have started out by taking two pills or capsules per day but over time, the dosage doubles, triples or even quadruples on a daily basis. Over-the-counter headache medications are expensive and they only treat the symptom of headache pain. There is an underlying problem that is causing the headaches and no amount of medication will correct the problem.

The doctors at Baker Chiropractic have extensive experience with diagnosing the root cause of headaches and providing patients with safe and effective treatments to ease and decrease headache pain. We don’t use expensive prescription medications or over-the-counter headache medications.

If you are experiencing intense or frequent headache pain, please call us at 513-561-2273 or Schedule an Appointment here on our website. We may be able to stop your headache pain!

What Type of Headache Do You Suffer From?

It’s important to understand just which type of headache you are experiencing. Here is a list of the most typical types. See which one most closely matches the type of headache pain you are having. Then, tell us about it so we can begin to correctly diagnose the source of your pain:

Common Headache

This is a very general type of headache and like the name, the most common. A Common Headache is a dull, throbbing pain in any area of your head. This type of headache can vary in intensity form mild pain to very severe pain.


A Migraine Headache is a specific type of headache that is severe and persistent. Migraines can be so severe that they greatly impact your ability to function. Migraines are more common in women than in men. Symptoms of a migraine vary widely. They may include dizziness, lightheaded, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, numbness, difficulty concentrating, confusion and sudden fatigue. Migraines can last several hours or days.

Chronic Headache

Chronic Headaches are headaches that occur daily or almost daily. If they occur more than 2 or 3 times per week, it is considered a chronic headache.

Tension Headache

Tension headaches are related to muscle contractions and usually vary in severity from mild to moderate. People who suffer from tension headaches usually describe their pain as constant pressure almost like their head was being squeezed in a vise. Tension headaches account for nearly 90% of all headaches.

Cluster Headache

Cluster Headaches are episodes of extreme headache pain that occur periodically. Someone suffering from cluster headaches will experience very painful headache pain, then the pain will go away only to return again later. The duration of the headache pain attack may range from as little as 15 minutes to well over three or four hours. Cluster headaches are more common in men than women.

Sinus Headaches or Sinus Infection Headaches

A Sinus Headache is caused by mucus build-up as a result of inflammation and pressure within the sinuses during a sinus infection. The location of the pain can vary. For example, if the frontal sinuses are affected, there will be pain in the front of the head just above the eyebrows. If the ethmoid sinuses are affected, pain will be felt between the eyes. When the maxillary sinuses are affected, pain will be experienced in the cheekbone areas. The pain from Sinus Headaches is usually more of a dull pain versus a sharp rapid pain.

Medication Headaches

Medication Headaches are caused by the use or overuse of medications, prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. The symptoms of a medication headache can vary greatly. A medication headache can feel as bad as a migraine or more like a tension headache.

Toxic Headaches

Toxic Headaches are caused by exposure to some type of toxin. These types of headaches can be the result of toxic chemicals, alcohol, insecticides, pesticides, household cleaners or a build-up of toxins within the body typically due to an organ not functioning properly.

Real-Life Stories of Headache Pain Relief

Here are just a few of the many real-life stories from our patients about their headache pain and how they found answers here at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness.

“I was having really bad headaches and knots in my shoulders off and on for a couple of years. Today, the headaches are much better after the chiropractic care I have received. I am able to focus better at work and I am not waking up in the middle of the night with severe headaches. If I would not have come here I would probably be just be taking a lot more medications.” – Ben A.

“I had seen a few different doctors about my headaches and had multiple tests run and given a few different prescriptions. Dr. Baker explained what he thought was causing my constant headaches and the success rate that they have with headaches at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. After a few visits, my back did not bother me anymore. More importantly, my headaches were gone. Dr. Baker was able to cure what 3 doctors including a neurologist could not.” – Robert P.

“I was having headaches for two years or so. After coming to Dr. Joe Fields at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, I no longer have the headaches. I definitely recommend that anyone who suffers from headaches come here. If I would not have had the chiropractic care I received here, I would probably still be having the headaches today with no hope of relief.” – Rhonda B.

Rate Your Pain on a Scale of 1 to 10

Providing information on the intensity of headache pain can be very helpful to properly diagnose and decrease the pain. Using the below chart, rate your pain. Then contact us by calling 513-561-2273 or Schedule an Appointment here on our website at anytime. Tell us what number of headache pain you are suffering from.

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