Hiatal Hernia Testimonials

A hiatal hernia was taking Tina’s life. Watch and listen to her tell her story of how she found the answer to her hiatal hernia when she found us.*

hiatal hernia patient eliane y and dr. paul baker

Eliane Y. and Dr. Paul Baker

I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia 15 years ago. I took Nexium for frequent heartburn.

The day I pushed open and walked through Dr. Baker’s office door was a big turning point for me and my health issues.

I am impressed with the precise manipulations of my diaphragm along with the constant encouragement and support given to me by Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Todd Worthington.  Most of all, I am impressed with the surprising results!

My positive results didn’t happen immediately. It took my perseverance and my trust in both Dr. Paul and Dr. Todd. These were the keys to feeling better and ending years of expensive and damaging medications.

I encourage anybody to at least try Baker Chiropractic and Wellness and their approach for hiatal hernias.*

The results will amaze you!

Eliane Y.

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Hiatal Hernia Patient Liam K.

Dr. Kelly Duffner and Liam K.

One night I went to bed and woke up with terrible chest sensations and a handful of other symptoms. At the time, I was almost certain that it was a heart attack.

I was brought to the E.R. where the doctors did a hand full of tests on me. I had blood work done, multiple EKG’s, chest x rays and even a CT scan. All the tests came back perfect. I finally had an endoscopy done and that’s when I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia.

At this point I was happy that they finally found out what was wrong with me, until I found out that there seemed to be virtually no reliable way to repair the problem.

I had heard horror stories about the surgery so I concluded that I would never consider it.

Being the investigative person that I am, I started to look on the web for other options. And one day I was blessed enough to come across Baker Chiropractic’s website. I read a few testimonials and was eager to try the chiropractic route. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I was a bit nervous. But I can assure you it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

After my very first hiatal hernia chiropractic adjustment I felt relief and was eating more the next day. Now, after just a week and a half of treatment I feel like the hiatal hernia is completely going away.

Baker Chiropractic and Wellness is fantastic and I can assure you, if you are coming from out of state it is 100% worth the trip!*

Liam K.

hiatal hernia patient rod m and dr. paul baker

Rod M. and Dr. Paul Baker

For over 10 years , I have struggled off and on with digestive issues. My symptoms have included upset stomach, cramping, acid reflux, bile reflux, and stomach gastritis.

I have been through just about every test traditional doctors can give including 2 upper digestive tract scopes, gallbladder ultrasound, gallbladder dye test, ct scan, and mri.

Through all this testing, it was decided that removing my gallbladder was the best option and boy this was not the case as it only made things worse as I continued to struggle with my digestion.

Through the years since my surgery and through a lot of self education I have cleaned up my diet removing inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy. I was feeling better until last year when my symptoms returned again. I began getting extreme acid reflux as soon as I would start eating and after it happened twice in one week I knew I had to do something.

So I pulled out the paperwork from one of my scope tests done years ago and noticed that I had a hiatal hernia. Not wanting to go down the same testing path as I have already done , I got on the internet and googled hiatal hernia treatment and to my relief I found Dr. Baker’s website . So I set up a consultation and met Dr. Baker and went through the first treatment and I immediately felt better . We finished the treatment protocol and my symptoms have vanished.

Dr. Baker explained to me that the actual cause of the problem were subluxations in my spine which were blocking the nerve flow to these organs. I couldn’t be more impressed with Dr. Baker, this guy really understands how the body works and goes out of way to help you get better. I would also like to say the friendly atmosphere in the office is also top notch as his staff are just as dedicated as he is in helping his patients get better and really care about each patient.

My only regret is I wish I would have discovered this treatment option sooner. Thanks again Dr. Baker and his staff for helping me tackle this decade long medical problem in such a short time period.

I look forward to coming back for regular check ups to keep my health in top shape.*

Rod M.

Baker Chiropractic Hiatal Hernia Patient Rachel

Dr. Joe Fields and Rachel L.

I started care with Dr. Joe Fields at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness five months ago in search of relief from persistent hiatal hernia discomfort. I had never been to a chiropractor before but was willing to try in order to avoid surgery and taking medications on a long-term basis.

A few weeks into treatment I started noticing improvement and could go about my daily routine without my symptoms being aggravated. In addition to this, Dr. Joe has gladly worked to improve my spinal curvature and the tightness in my jaw and wrists. I never expected to have all of these issues addressed at a chiropractor, much less in such an effective manner.

I would recommend others see Dr. Joe Fields for his compassionate and skilled approach in addressing a wide array of health concerns.

I thank the team at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness for providing me with excellent care and a renewed sense of optimism regarding the state of my health.*

-Rachel L.

Dr. Brock Frear and Laura K.

Dr. Brock Frear and Laura K.

If it weren’t for God leading me to Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, I would still be in pain and hopeless about it. I put my trust in medical doctors, and they could not help me. Much of the time, it felt like the doctors I went to didn’t even believe me – passing me off as a hypochondriac – that my symptoms were “all in my head”. They only gave me drugs to treat symptoms or gave me unnecessary surgeries for things that could have been helped with chiropractic care.

Although two years ago I was suffering from a long list of ailments, I came to Baker Chiropractic because I had been having debilitating pain in the back of my head and neck. I used to think my health would just get worse with time and I secretly wished I would die young because I didn’t want to think about the level of pain I would be in thirty years down the road – I was already in a great deal of pain presently!

Much to my surprise, Dr. Brock Frear told me he could not only help me with my head and neck, but help me with pretty much everything else I was suffering from! Truthfully, I was skeptical at first – I had been disappointed so many times before. But the fact that he simply believed me and sympathized with me made me want to give him a chance to prove his promises.

After many reassurances, hugs, education on healthy lifestyle choices, plenty of adjustments, treatments, and home exercises – I am a new woman! Those headaches are gone, and when they occasionally try to take hold of me again, adjustments make them disappear!

I have gone completely off the antidepressants I had taken for years, I have lost over thirty pounds, I no longer need cortisone shots in my knees nor suffer daily knee pain, my digestion is much improved, and currently the doctors are getting rid of my hiatal hernia! Surgeries are my last resort now, and the supplements offered at Baker Chiropractic take the place of drugs (with no side effects and better results).

The doctors at Baker Chiropractic would love to talk with you – or rather HELP you! They know they can – they have proven results! They genuinely care and are passionate about helping people. Many of them have been in dire circumstances themselves before they found how well chiropractic care works. They are like a family – waiting to adopt everyone who comes in with a desire to be physically well and bless those people with a priceless gift – hope for a brighter future. I am temporarily grateful to be one of those people!*

– Laura K.

Latoya and Dr. Patrick

Dr. Patrick Baker and LaToya

While looking up home remedies online for treating GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), a symptom of my hiatal hernia, Baker Chiropractic and Wellness popped up as the first option on the Google search page. I couldn’t believe it!

I have been under chiropractic care now for years and had never even considered asking about help with this new problem.

I read the article about how PPI’s were harmful to the body and it only confirmed why every time I took those meds that I always felt so horribly ill. I only stayed on them for a 3 months and I used them sparingly, but after my first hiatal hernia treatment, I felt like I could breathe again.

The pressure in my abdomen released and I haven’t used those drugs since. I shared with my general physician the research about those drugs and her response was utter shock. She thought it was merely a rumor and told me to keep doing whatever works. Well, I know what works – getting the body aligned with all systems in order works.

A pill that treats only symptoms while causing other organs to fail to function properly sounds like a scam!

Thanks Dr. B for helping me find real relief!*


Hiatal Hernia Patient John W.

Dr. Garrett Knuckles and John W.

I came to Baker Chiropractic after being coerced by my daughter. I was quite skeptical and only going for her. But, at 82 years old I was told by my regular doctor that surgery was too dangerous for me for one, because of my age and two, because I have two leaky heart valves.

Not wanting to give up, she found others mention relief with Chiropractic care. My  diagnosis was a large hiatal hernia. This was first discovered 40+ years ago, however, most recently my stomach had moved all the way up past my diaphragm and was pressing against one of my lungs causing it to be caved in at least 50%. This made it very hard to do much of anything anymore. I struggled with shortness of breath, walking and just living everyday life as I was accustom to. Eating resulted in immediate discomfort with gas, belching and indigestion. I was unable to do anything for at least ½ hour after eating.

My doctor said my hernia was the largest hiatal hernia he had ever seen. 3-4 years ago I was able to walk 8 miles almost daily. Now, I was unable to walk a block or go up one flight of stairs without being completely out of breath.

After approximately 3 treatments at Baker Chiropractic I could notice a substantial improvement and decided to continue therapy. My daughter said she noticed the very next time we ate together. I am not completely healed and due to age and the severity of the hernia, I still have symptoms. However, they are greatly improved and I am able to better function in life and have more comfort. I can breathe easier and eating is not near as miserable and something that stops me in my tracks.

Though not walking miles as I used to, I am able to walk much more comfortably and not have as much difficulty in my breathing. Thank you Baker Chiropractic!*

— John W

hiatal hernia treatment patient TerryIt started on February 16th when I went to a local area medical clinic with symptoms of extreme fatigue, fever and coughing. I was examined, swabbed and diagnosed with Type B Flu.

The following Sunday, I was experiencing severe chest pains and pressure. I was taken to the ER where they took two chest x-rays, an EKG and did blood work. They diagnosed me with Pleurisy which is inflammation of the tissues that line the lungs and chest cavity. I was told the Pleurisy was a result of my coughing from the Flu.

Nearly three weeks later on March 13th, I went to Urgent Care with severe chest pains, pressure and shortness of breath. I had two more chest x-rays taken, another EKG and more blood work. I was then sent back to the hospital for a CT scan with a dye to check for blood clots in my lungs. After all of these tests, x-rays and scans, the diagnosis was once again Pleurisy from the coughing associated with the Flu even though the coughing had stopped.

A week later, the same symptoms I had been experiencing were getting worse. It felt at times as if I were having a heart attack. The ER doctor sent me to a cardiologist where I had a stress test on a treadmill and an ultrasound of my heart. Nothing was found and again I was diagnosed with Pleurisy.

After dealing with all this for well over a month, I was desperate to find out why I kept having shortness of breath, pain, and tightness in my chest. It almost felt like a balloon was being blown up in my chest.

I called Dr. Paul Baker at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness on a Saturday afternoon and left a message that I needed his advice. He called me back Saturday evening very concerned and suggested I meet him on a Sunday at his office for an evaluation. Within five minutes of my visit, Dr. Baker diagnosed a hiatal hernia. He explained how the hiatal hernia was the source of the pressure in my chest. He also described how acid reflux from the hiatal hernia was causing sharp pains.

Dr. Baker confidently assured me he could treat the hernia but warned it would be a bit uncomfortable. With both of his hands, he put pressure under my ribcage and slowly pushed the hernia back down thru my diaphragm. When I stood up, I had instant relief! Both the pain and pressure I had felt for over a month was gone.

After many sleepless nights in fear that I was having a heart attack, after multiple visits to the hospital, urgent care and even a cardiologist, Dr. Baker diagnosed and treated the pain that I was having in one 20- minute Sunday afternoon visit to his office.  He continues to check my hernia when I come in for my regular visits and it seems to be treated.

In thinking back when I had the Flu, I remember coughing so hard at one point that it felt like something ripped in my stomach. I’m now convinced this was the start of the hiatal hernia.

I am both amazed and extremely disappointed that with all of the x-rays, CT scans, blood work and series of other tests over a period of 40+ days, a correct diagnosis could not be made. Equally shocking were my medical bills. The cost of following traditional medical care guidance and instructions exceeded $30,000!!! This doesn’t take into account the cost of the mental anguish of not knowing what was wrong with me, thinking I was having a heart attack and the constant worry and stress placed on our entire family.

I am very grateful to Dr. Paul Baker for his incisive diagnosis and his immediate and successful treatment of my hiatal hernia.*

— Terri B.

Ethan Stanley Hiatal Hernia Patient at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Paul Baker and Ethan S.

After having significant pain in my abdomen due to a hiatal hernia for many months, and not receiving a clear treatment plan from traditional medical protocol, I called Dr. Paul Baker to see if he could help.

Dr. Paul told me that he could  treat and completely treat the hernia through adjusting my stomach out of my esophagus and that my wounded abdomen would heal on its own.

This was a simple but surprising solution since many of my friends thought that surgery was the only solution for any kind of hernia.

I am now about finished with my treatment and feel completely healed, back to normal, and pain-free. Thanks so much!*

— Ethan S.

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.