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Heather Found Hip Pain Relief and Life Changing Health Care

Baker Chiropractic Madeira Clinic Patient Heather Alexander
Heather Alexander and Dr. Matt Finke

“It was my right hip and it had been bothering me for quite a few weeks. I just thought it was related to my running.

It was very difficult for me to perform everyday activities. Standing and teaching were very painful and driving was extremely uncomfortable. Even sitting at the family dinner table caused pain. The thing that was most frustrating for me, however, was how it interfered with my running. I would train and prepare for races with such religiousness and yet I wasn’t seeing any results in my times or weight loss or muscle tone. I attributed it all to my right hip.

When the hip pain was at its worst, I had trouble sitting, standing, and really being in any position for longer than a few minutes. It felt like my hip was turned forward and was burning. I was miserable, but had enough previous injuries in my life to know I didn’t want to go through physical therapy again. I would get massages and take copious amounts of Advil to relieve pain. I would also do lots of stretching to give me temporary pain relief.

I wanted to get a chiropractor near to my work, so I googled chiropractors and that is how I landed here!

Dr. Matt taught me my right hip pain was just a result of how subluxation was affecting other parts of my body. Not only was my lower back severely affected by subluxation, but my neck also had NO DEGREES of curvature. I had headaches prior to visiting Baker Chiropractic and just thought headaches were a normal part of life (lethargy, need for caffeine). I have been with Baker Chiropractic for 7 months now and honestly can’t remember the last headache I’ve had!

After being under Dr Matt’s care, so many improvements have occurred for me; both physically and mentally. The hip pain has subsided. My training for running continued and my time went to an 8:45 mile pace. I finally was able to break through the 9:30 mile pace I couldn’t break for years. Coming to Baker Chiropractic has had such a positive impact on my WHOLE life. I have participated in a few of the clinics Dr. Matt has given and learned so much about nutrition. I always thought I was eating right, but I was wrong. I was not feeding my cells properly. I already knew the dangers of preservatives and colored dyes, and thought since I removed those from my family’s diet, I was doing great. Dr. Matt educated me further about the dangers of sugars and the role that fats play in our diets and which fats are so important to our health!

My mental clarity and focus have made significant strides as well. I thought of myself as a fairly fun and positive person prior to being a patient at Baker Chiropractic. I now feel better all over and I know it is showing in my relationship with my children and husband as well. Work still has the capability to stress me out, but I have an outlook now that enables me to handle situations differently. The quotes that Dr. Matt puts up on the dry erase board are very motivating to me and I try to implement them into my daily life or at least speak them to myself during tough situations.

I think Dr. Matt and his office team are fantastic! Everyone knows your name (a Cheers reference) and the office always is so welcoming and friendly. Kat is a magnificent massage therapist. She always targets areas in need and can chat the half hour away or keep quiet if you need time to yourself. Dr. Matt has a fantastic personality. Plain and simple, Dr. Matt cares. He wants to see his patients improve. I enjoy exchanging “snarky” remarks with him, but knowing if I need to ask a serious medical based question he will be serious and offer help. He is fantastic with his adjustments. If you sit on your wobble seat and observe how he treats the patients on the adjustment bed before you, you see a doctor who treats each patient individually.

Finally, I like that he is an Ohio State fan!”*

Heather Alexander

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.