Learn How and Why Our Chiropractic Care Works

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Unlock Your Body’s Potential for Healing and Performance

The human body is a powerful and dynamic organism. You are genetically and physically equipped to live an active and healthy life at any age, free from chronic pain, disorders and diseases. You are an incredibly perfect assembly of cells, tissues, organs and systems working in perfect harmony to explore, endure and enjoy life.

A human body functioning in an unrestricted manner, receiving the right amount of exercise and proper nutrition, does not require prescription medications to treat many ailments. An optimized human body will prevent disorders and disease from developing and our immune system is a natural and highly effective force when harmful bacteria and viruses enter the body.

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The Formula for True Health

Many of us do not realize what it’s like to experience true health. Too many times, it takes a catastrophic event like a heart attack or death of a loved one even to focus on our health and why it should clearly be our first priority. It’s not uncommon to hear people say “I’m too busy at work” or “my family needs every spare minute of my time”. These statements are understandable but nevertheless excuses. Focusing on your health is NOT selfish. In fact, it may be the greatest gift you can give others.

If your family, your career or both are important to you, then your health must become important to you. Without true health, how can you meet the demands of your family or grow your career? Health issues will eventually find you in one way or another if you are not aware of the importance of taking care of yourself and following the formula in order to experience true health. It’s not expensive or inconvenient to realize true health. Here are the key ingredients in the formula:

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When I first came to Dr. Paul at Baker Chiropractic, I could hardly walk because my back was in spasm. My residents and medical students had to push me around the hospital in a wheelchair! Using a well-rounded treatment approach including an absolutely painless adjustment, I was 30 percent better in just one visit. By the end of the week, I was walking upright and pain free. All without the need for anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, or pain pills!

Dr. Brian M. Masterson, MD

Safe Health Care & Health Care Reform You Can Afford

As you probably know, the cost of health care treatment and the prescription drugs administered by medical doctors are very expensive. Medical doctors routinely perform surgical procedures and prescribe drugs that are extremely risky. Because of that high level of risk, a medical doctor must typically pay malpractice insurance premiums that may cost over $100,000 per year. That expense ultimately gets passed down to patients. At Baker Chiropractic, the fees for our services are very inexpensive compared to traditional medical care. I major reason for this difference is the low amount we pay in malpractice insurance premiums.

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Skeptical or Unsure of Our Chiropractic Care?

Over the past 20 years, we have seen patient after patient who were unsure or skeptical if our chiropractic care could help them. Once they made the decision and became our patients, they quickly realized how safe and effective our chiropractic care really is. If you find yourself skeptical, please attend one of our weekly Health Talks listed below and request a copy of our Free Report: Top 10 Reasons NOT to be Skeptical of Our Chiropractic Care

Let’s Talk About What We Can Do For You

Understandably, many people have questions about our chiropractic care. You owe it to yourself to get those questions answered and make informed decisions about your health. Our chiropractic care isn’t the answer for everything. But, many people are pleasantly surprised by what our chiropractic care can do for them.

Our weekly Health Talk public meetings are set-up to answer your questions and give you the factual information you need to make very important decisions about your health and your life. These meetings are free to the public, interactive, educational and most of all, fun. It’s well worth your time!

To view schedules and to RSVP for our Free Weekly Health Talks, please click this link:  RSVP for Health Talk Meeting