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One Day I Typed "Hope for Interstitial Cystitis" in an Internet Search and Found Baker Chiropractic and Wellness

Interstitial Cystitis Patient Twanna Alridge and Dr. Patrick Baker
Twanna Aldridge and Dr. Patrick Baker

“My name is Twanna and I have Interstitial Cystitis.

Most of you have probably never heard of it. If you have, you probably have I.C., and wish you hadn’t. It is a disease of the bladder where the lining is very thin so your urine is toxic to your bladder. You have the urge to urinate constantly along with great pain. Currently, the medical field has no known cause and therefore no known cure for interstitial cystitis.

I, like everyone else who has been diagnosed with this disease, went through all the approved “torture”. I was at the Emergency Room numerous times and was even told by one of the E.R. nurses to pray for death. There was nothing anyone could do for me. I went through cat scans, M.R. I. scans, biopsies, colonoscopies, stomach scopes, and even laparoscopic surgery before I was diagnosed.  All this time my pain scale was at 10 always and I grew more depressed every day.  The only answer they gave me was bigger and bigger pain pills. At that point and time, I was happy to get them because the pain was always so great.

Then the fun really began and I was sent to an urologist. Don’t get me wrong, they were kind to me and did everything they knew how to do. I started having bladder “cocktails”. This was a catheter into my bladder 3 times a week for over a year. I was also put on the drug Elmiron. I don’t have to describe how the catheters were, if you have ever had one you know. The Elmiron was very expensive even with good insurance. Its side effects were solid hair loss and damage to your liver (which you had to check every six months). This process helped some but never got my pain below a 6.  Everyday life was a struggle.  Keeping positive was a struggle.

Then one day on the internet I typed in the search bar “Hope for Interstitial Cystitis” and Baker Chiropractic and Wellness came up. I read the whole thing on I.C. and how they have helped many people over the years. Was I skeptical? Yes. Was my family skeptical? Yes.  But I wanted to try something other than drugs or the dreaded catheter. What did I have to lose?

So I made an appointment and went in and talked to them. I remember crying through the whole first appointment. They seemed so positive that they would be able to help me even though for three years I was told no one could.

So I started going to them three times a week. Getting adjustments and therapy. Gradually my pain started to decrease. Dr. Baker also had me adjust my diet and put me on anti-inflammatory supplements, both of which have also helped greatly. Now my pain stays between a 1 and 2, which to me is a 90% improvement.

I have my life back! I can work and take vacations. Some days it’s like I don’t have I.C. at all. If I do have a big flare (which doesn’t happen as often as it used to), Dr. Baker is great to get me right in and it usually only takes a small amount of time to get the flare back down. Currently, I still see Dr. Baker twice a week and my goal is to be pain free like his other I.C. patients soon.

I am very thankful to have found Dr. Baker at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness and to have been given a chance for a pain free life without all the drugs and medical procedures.

I also want to thank and commend his staff. They are friendly, sympathetic, kind and knowledgeable and do Dr. Baker’s office proud. I also want to say that I listen to the comments between Dr. Baker and his other patients.  I hear how much he really cares for them and the gratitude and respect they have for him.  All of which is rare in today’s world in the medical field. Usually you are just another number.

If you have interstitial cystitis and you have tried everything and nothing is working, or you are tired of taking drugs, give Dr. Baker the chance to help you. You have nothing to lose.

Thanks again to Dr. Baker and his staff. May God Bless each and every one of you.”*

– Twanna Aldridge

If you or someone you know suffers from interstitial cystitis or IC, please contact Baker Chiropractic and Wellness by calling (513) 561-2273 or schedule an appointment here on our website. We will help!

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.