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How Chiropractic Treatment Will Help You Reach Your 2022 Health Goals

If you set some ambitious health and fitness goals for this year, you may be experiencing aches and pains as a result of new types of training or an increase in activity from last year. Anyone who has begun to follow a goal to be in better condition is familiar with the discomfort of aching muscles and, sometimes, injuries. Fortunately, chiropractic care may help you stay on top of your game, pain-free, and in better physical form to pursue those goals.

Regular therapy from a professional chiropractic care clinic like Baker Chiropractic & Wellness will help you achieve your objectives no matter what they are or what type of results you have seen thus far. So, let’s see how this might be one of the most effective instruments for achieving your objectives in 2022.

Some of the most common resolutions set by people include:

  • Quitting  smoking
  • Exercising more 
  • Living life to the fullest 
  • Losing weight etc.

But are you on the track to achieving your fitness goals the right way? Here, you will get to know how chiropractic treatment can help you achieve your health goals in 2022.

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help

Misalignments, also known as subluxations, can be painful if they impinge on nerves or make muscles work overtime to compensate. Subluxations also impede information from freely flowing from the body to the brain and vice versa. Your chiropractor relieves pain naturally and encourages your body to repair itself by straightening the spine. When individuals are injured, they frequently use pain relievers, which can have serious adverse effects, including addiction. When chiropractic helps to correct the problem, medications just mask the discomfort.
Chiropractic care on a regular basis maintains your body running smoothly. If your 2022 health goals include more exercise, less worry, and better sleep, chiropractic therapy can help you get there. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Chiropractic therapy alleviates discomfort

Exercise can cause muscular pain and tiredness, whether you’re new to working out or a fitness beginner. The good news is that frequent chiropractic adjustments can help to lessen not just muscular discomfort and get you back to the gym sooner, but also post-workout soreness.

2. Chiropractic treatment increases the range of motion

When joints do not move properly, it can cause severe discomfort. This, of course, will limit your range of motion and flexibility, limiting your capacity to work out. Chiropractic therapy focuses on restoring the spine and joints to optimum alignment so that your body can function optimally.

3. Chiro treatment reduces the likelihood of damage

There’s a reason why so many top athletes seek chiropractic treatment! Because it works! Regular chiropractic adjustments not only repair an injury but can also lower the likelihood of an injury arising in the first place. The specialists at Baker Chiropractic & Wellness will also provide advice on how to stretch to avoid injury.

4. Chiropractic treatment enhances the functionality of your body

Regular chiropractic adjustments will keep your spine in good alignment, relieving unneeded strain on surrounding bones, muscles, and joints that might otherwise compensate for spinal misalignment. Without this additional stress, the body can operate normally and is more likely to recover itself spontaneously if pain or damage occurs.

5. Chiropractic treatment enhances nerve transmission

Spinal misalignments affect how nerves interact with the brain, in addition to causing pain and discomfort (and a boatload of other difficulties!). Chiropractic adjustments serve to ease the pain, tension, and discomfort produced by a spinal misalignment by removing any neurological obstructions. Not only will this make your exercises more successful, but it will also help you realize when you are hungry and when it is time to put the fork down, which is essential for keeping a healthy weight.

How Chiro Treatment Is Linked To Your Health Resolutions

Quit Smoking

People who suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression are far more prone to smoke than the overall population. Chiropractic therapy has been shown to improve feelings of well-being, regulate hormones in the body and nervous system, and reduce stress and tension in the body, allowing patients to heal naturally from trauma and hormone imbalances. 

Weight Loss

Whether it’s due to overeating, hormone imbalances, or a lack of exercise, chiropractic care can help! As previously stated, chiropractic treatment helps our bodies work properly and can play a significant role in naturally balancing hormones. Chiropractic therapy has also been shown to help patients feel and operate better while increasing oxytocin, or the happy hormone.

Exercise More

When our bodies are in pain or injured, it is difficult to feel inspired to exercise. Many people who start rigorous fitness routines in the new year risk injury. Chiropractic therapy can assist people in achieving their exercise and fitness objectives by allowing their bodies to operate efficiently via a subluxation-free nervous system.

It’s Time To Contact The Best Chiropractic Care Clinic

That’s all! Don’t forget to incorporate chiropractic care and the wonders of a well-functioning nervous system in your fitness resolutions! We urge you to remember that development and healing are not linear, but rather a journey with all life changes and health objectives. In all of your ups and downs, victories and defeats, know that the Baker Chiropractic Wellness team is here for you!

Our team is so proud of your effort and dedication as you set new goals and seek to be a better version of yourself this new year, and we’re here to support you in any way we can!