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How To Make a Health Adjustment in 2016

How To Make a Health Adjustment in 2016Earlier this month, we published a message about making 2016 a turning point year in your health and the health of those you love. If you missed this message, we invite you to read it here:

Make 2016 The Year You Make a Health Adjustment

In the message, we discussed the opportunities each New Year brings with it. Opportunities to lose weight, change your diet, exercise more and quit unhealthy habits. We also talked about the vital role our chiropractic care takes in achieving optimal health and wellness.

So how do you start making your health adjustment?

Schedule an Appointment

Start adjusting your health by scheduling an appointment at one of our three area office locations: Cincinnati (Red Bank Rd.), West Chester or Fairfield. Scheduling an appointment is easy. Just call us at 513-561-2273 or schedule an appointment from our website at any time.

At your first appointment, you’ll find a positive, friendly environment and a caring team of professionals anxious to educate, inspire and show you the path to a life of health and wellness, free from pain.

Attend One of Our Free Public Events

If you’re not quite ready to make an appointment, there are many other ways to get to know us better and understand why our chiropractic care is so effective.  We host different types of free events throughout the year open to everyone.

Total Food Makeover Seminar

This coming Saturday, January 30th, we are hosting a Total Food Makeover seminar at our Fairfield office location. This event is a great way to learn about food and nutrition which are critical to improving your health, appearance, energy and outlook. For additional details and to RSVP for this free event, please call our Fairfield office at 513-858-6700 or RSVP online via this link: January 30th Total Food Makeover

Grocery Shopping with a Doctor

On Thursday, February 4th we are holding our Shop with a Doc event at the Kroger supermarket located at 4613 Marburg Avenue in Cincinnati. At our Shop with a Doc event, one of our doctors will take you on a grocery shopping adventure and teach you where the good foods are located in a grocery store, how to read labels and how to make food selections that will help you and your family live healthy lives. To RSVP for this event, please call 513-561-2273 or email:

Dinner with a Doctor

Our Dinner with a Doctor events are excellent opportunities for people who are interested in our chiropractic care to sit down with our doctors over a nice dinner, ask questions and engage in casual conversations. We invite people to dinner at popular area restaurants like W.G. Kitchen & Bar, Ferrari’s Little Italy and Soho Japanese Bistro, just to name a few. We just held a Dinner with a Doctor event earlier this month where 38 people joined us for a nice evening discussing what our chiropractic care could do for them.

We have many more upcoming events planned throughout 2016. To stay in touch, send us your email address and we will put you on our email list of events. Please feel free to send your email address to at any time. You can also “Like” our Facebook page and stay in touch. The link to our Facebook page is: Baker Chiropractic and Wellness Facebook Page

Support System for Success

When someone has a goal of losing weight, exercising more and improving their health, a strong and positive support system is critical for success. It will be difficult for you to find a more effective support system than what you’ll find at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness. Our doctors and staff will be your biggest cheerleaders. We all take great joy and tremendous pride in helping people achieve their goals of health and wellness. It’s our mission and our passion.

We offer all types of ways for you to make a health adjustment this year. You just need to take the first step. Taking that first step will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life. We guarantee it!

Yours In Health and Wellness,

Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick Baker 2016 Message
Dr. Paul Baker and Dr. Patrick Baker