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I Am No Longer Wearing a Neck Brace After 2 Years and My Pain is Going Away!

Car accident chiropractic patient Joann Sowder Baker Chiropractic West Chester Ohio
JoAnn Sowders and Dr. Patrick Baker

My name is JoAnn and my trouble began after a car accident while I was in high school. So my issues are from long term injuries.

As time went on, years of standing at my job took a toll on my neck and back. In the early 90’s, I did go see Dr. Baker and got treated with success but I stopped going.

In 2004, I went for a MRI for my neck and the specialist told me surgery was not an option. By 2009, the pain had increased to the point where I was wearing a neck brace while sleeping to get some relief.

In 2014, I went back to the specialist because the pain in my hip down down to my right foot began to burn. I felt my foot going numb. I told them about my neck injury and they said this pain was in my back and had nothing to do with my neck. I really was not comfortable with that answer. They told me to go get an MRI and see a back surgeon immediately.

I called Dr. Baker because I was hurting. I was crying in pain and his office staff could not have been more compassionate with me.

Dr. Baker began treating me and almost immediately the pain was relieved. He told me exactly the step by step plan I needed to follow and it is working!

This is a journey for me but what a difference! I am no longer wearing my neck brace after 2 years and my pain is going away. For the first time I can see that I am reversing what time has done to me.

Now I am standing straight, turning my neck, and have no back pain. I’m so excited I plan to join a gym and start really concentrating on getting healthy and stronger.

I thank God for sending Dr. Baker and his staff my way and showing me so much compassion when I went there in pain and tears. It’s so nice to be pain free, healthy, and free from medications. This has been a real breakthrough for me!

Thanks again to Dr. Baker and the staff and the good Lord for using his team to help others.*

God Bless You All,
JoAnn S.

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.