I Have Fully Recovered From My Frozen Shoulder and Have Full Range of Motion with No Pain

Frozen Shoulder Patient Paul Beaupre
Dr. Patrick Baker and Paul Beaupre

I would like to thank Dr. Patrick Baker of Baker Chiropractic and Wellness for his expedient and novel treatment of my frozen shoulder.

A frozen shoulder is extremely painful and there is very limited range of motion. This made everyday tasks very difficult and created problems for me at work.

I had 2 episodes of frozen shoulder in the past and in each case the problems lasted over a year and a half. None of the health care specialists I saw were able to offer any relief.

After Dr. Baker’s first treatment and a night’s sleep I recovered about 60% of the range of motion. After the 3rd treatment in a week’s time I had fully recovered my range of motion and had no pain.

I am deeply grateful to Dr. Patrick Baker and strongly recommend his methods for anyone suffering from frozen shoulder.*

Paul Beaupre


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