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If You Have Back Pain This is Where You Want To Go!

back pain patient don meiners
Don Meiners and Dr. Patrick Baker

Anyone that has back pain, I can honestly tell you I understand; and those that don’t cannot relate. I am physically active, run a business that is physically demanding and I thought my life was changed temporarily.

Back surgery? Where is this going to leave me? I tried to deal with the pain, but it only got worse. My right leg started going numb, and it ached at the knee, then times at the ankle, the pain spot moved, and numbness progressed.

A customer and friend I’ve known for some time (Sandy) recommended Dr. Patrick and staff to my care. I was apprehensive, thought I would need back surgery for sure! Dr. Baker is truly professional and thorough; he would not touch me until he examined x-rays to know what he was dealing with. I had two bulging discs – ask Dr. Patrick where!

All I wish to share with you is: don’t wait! Dr. Baker and staff are chiropractic, physically and mentally healing as well; it’s a great environment!*

– Don Meiners

*Please note, there is no guarantee of specific results with our care and results may vary. Please contact us to discuss your specific condition.