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If You Have Severe Pain Don’t Question For One Minute About Coming Here

Baker Chiropractic Patient for Severe PainAs I walked into Baker Chiropractic all slumped over because of the severe pain, I was very skeptical as to what Doctors Paul and Patrick could do for me. It had, after all, been a week of misery with absolutely no relief from the prescribed prednisone.

My poor husband was desperate to get his wife back into action. He was discussing my problems to a friend, and his friend told him about Baker Chiropractic. His friend’s exact words? “They’re the best in the city!” Boy was he right!!”

After one visit, I was human again — far from being 100%, but I slept that night! When rehab began and Barry told me the average woman could lift 70 pounds, I was crushed. They had to take one five-pound weight OFF — I couldn’t lift ANY weight! Now, when I think back to that day (as I’m almost lifting 70 pounds), I am so grateful that this whole staff came into my life.

Coming into Baker Chiropractic I feel great, as it’s always a postive and happy atmosphere. The staff and Doc Paul have always made me smile even when I did not feel like smiling. It’s been a great journey watching myself become stronger and knowing that I’m healing WITHOUT medicine or having to have gone through surgery.

If you are reading this, don’t question for one minute if you’re doing the right thing — YOU ARE!

Thanks Baker Chiropractic!