Sciatica and Sciatic Pain

Sciatica and Sciatic Pain

Sciatica is a set of symptoms that refers to pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in your leg or legs. Sciatica is a very common form of low back pain and leg pain. However, sciatica is not the underlying cause of the pain. It is an indicator of a problem somewhere else within your body that is impacting your sciatic nerve. Because sciatica is a symptom, it’s important to seek the care of a health care professional who specializes in diagnosing the root cause of pain and implementing a treatment plan to correct it.
We’ve been helping patients identify and decrease the cause of their sciatica for over 25 years. Using our safe and effective chiropractic care, we have developed a respected reputation for providing our patients relief from sciatic pain and its underlying cause. Please contact us at (513) 561-2273 or Schedule an Appointment here on our website.

Causes of Sciatica

The pain, numbness, tingling or weakness associated with sciatica is caused by pressure or damage to the sciatic nerve. The sciatica nerve is the longest nerve in your body. It branches out from your spinal cord through your buttocks and extends down the back of both your legs. From there, it divides into smaller nerves. The sciatic nerve controls your muscles and provides sensations throughout a large portion of your lower back and legs.
The pressure or damage to the sciatic nerve is commonly caused by a subluxation or other type injury. Because sciatica is a sign of something else, a very thorough examination should be performed to pinpoint exactly what is irritating the sciatic nerve.

Questions Answered

Watch Dr. Paul and Dr. Patrick explain sciatica and answer questions about sciatic pain:

Symptoms of Sciatica

As outlined above, sciatica is a symptom in itself, not a cause. Sciatica can vary greatly from a mild ache to a very sharp, burning-type pain. The most commonly reported sciatica symptoms include:

Pain: Typically, the pain will be felt in your lower back, your buttock, the back of your thigh or your calf.

Tingling: Most of the time, the tingling is felt in your foot or toes.

Numbness or Weakness: This is usually experienced in the areas along the path of the sciatic nerve which includes your lower back, buttocks and legs.

Loss of Bowel or Bladder Control: This rarely occurs with sciatica but nevertheless, is a possible symptom.

Our Approach To Treating Sciatica

The practice of chiropractic health care focuses on the health of the body’s central nervous system. Doctors of chiropractic are trained to identify and treat problems with the nerves of the human body. When your central nervous system is healthy, you will be free from pain and healthy too. The best feature about chiropractic care is that it does not use prescription drugs or surgery to treat health care problems.
Chiropractic care removes subluxations which impact nerves and inhibit the body’s very power and innate ability to heal.

Need Proof We Can Help?

Just read this patient’s story:

“My husband and I are both 25 years old with a 6 month old son. I had severe lower back pain and sciatic nerve problems that seemed to never go away. While I was pregnant, my back got worse. I did not seek chiropractic care during this time, but when my son was 8 weeks old, I couldn’t take the pain anymore. Dr. Baker’s office was recommended to me by family and coworkers. I decided I would try their office because I knew I didn’t want any pain medicine at this young of an age.

Dr. Baker sat down with my husband, son, and me taking the time to explain the problems going on with my back. During the consultation, I was given different papers talking about chiropractic care and what they can do. At this point in time, my son had been on an antibiotic for his ear infection for about 5 days (with little to no help for his fussiness/pain). I noticed on the papers I was handed that babies can be adjusted for ear infections… so I asked about that as well. Dr. Baker explained about the adjustments he could do for our little man and how it’s never good to get on the “cycle of antibiotics”. That night was Zeke’s first adjustment. The next day, he stopped tugging at his ears. About a week later (after seeing what Doc can do), my husband was treated for his stiffness/soreness in his back and neck.

Now, we are on maintenance care and feeling great. I don’t have the pain I used to have, my husband’s stiffness went away, and my son hasn’t had an ear infection since (and sleeps better after being adjusted—great for us!). I can’t imagine where we would be right now without the Baker Chiropractic staff. I’m sure Zeke would have had at least one set of tubes in his ears (multiple surgeries during his 6 months of life) and we would have been sore, in pain and sleep deprived at 25. We’re so glad we came and got treated when we did. Thank you so much Baker staff!” – The Locke Family

Find a Resolution

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