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Injury and Pain Relief

Life should not be lived managing pain. Life should be lived without pain. Pain management is not a service we offer at Baker Chiropractic. We are not focused on treating the symptom of pain. We want to find the root cause of the pain and treat it. That’s what a true pain specialist can do for you. Contact us today. Pain relief is priceless. Our care and guidance is affordable.

Pain Relief Without Using Needles

and Words No One Can Pronounce

Trypanophobia, Belonephobia, Aichmophobia and Enetophobia are all medical terms that relate to a fear of needles and an extreme and irrational fear of medical procedures that involve injections and the use of hypodermic needles. It’s a very real condition and people with this phobia are reluctant to get help for their pain and suffering which could be life threatening. At Baker Chiropractic, we do not use needles or any other invasive procedure. We remove subluxations through careful and precise chiropractic adjustments. There is nothing to fear while in our care. We don’t like needles either!

Here is an interesting article from Dr. Oz, host of the Dr. Oz Show, on the 4 treatments for low back pain: Dr. Oz Article. Of these 4 treatments, we provide 3 to our patients everyday. Schedule an Appointment with us and see how effective these 3 treatments can be.

Fibromyalgia Freedom

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition where you hurt all over and feel exhausted nearly all the time. Symptoms include widespread pain in muscles, ligaments and tendons, fatigue and tender points (places on your body where even slight pressure causes pain and discomfort). Fibromyalgia can also cause sleep deprivation and depression. Women are more likely to develop fibromyalgia than men and as we age, the risk of experiencing fibromyalgia increases.

Medical doctors will typically run unsuccessful test after unsuccessful test looking for causes of the pain. They will also often times prescribe drugs to mask the pain. At Baker Chiropractic, we utilize our extensive experience, training and understanding of the body’s central nervous system to diagnose chronic pain, then administer an adjustment or series of adjustments to correct spine misalignments and subluxations to reduce and decrease the pain. This is a great example of how the chiropractic and wellness care provided by Baker Chiropractor brings hope and results to people who had lost all hope. And we do it without the use of drugs and needles!

Learn more about fibromyalgia by requesting Dr. Baker’s FREE Fibromyalgia Report. Click Here: Free Fibromyalgia Report.

Types of Pain We Can Treat

At Baker Chiropractic, we can provide treatment and relief for the following types of pain and many others:


Headaches, Migraines and Sinus Pain

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ Pain

Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain

Low, Middle & Upper Back Pain

Arm, Elbow, Leg and Knee Pain


Hand, Wrist, Foot and Ankle Pain

Arthritis Pain and Joint Pain

Interstitial Cystitis or IC Pain

Chest and Abdominal Pain

Pain from Forward Head Posture


Acne Relief

Ear Pain, Nose and Throat Pain

Vertigo and Dizziness


Failed Back Surgery Syndrome


Slipped Discs, Herniated Discs and Ruptured Discs

Degenerative Disc Disease



Neurocardiogenic Syncope


Sciatica and Sciatic Pain

High Blood Pressure Solutions

Diabetes Relief

Gout Pain

Crohn’s Disease

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