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Low Back Pain, Middle Back Pain, Upper Back Pain

Low Back Pain, Middle Back Pain, Upper Back Pain

Back pain may be the most common pain of all. You are definitely not alone if you are suffering from it. Statistics show that back pain affects nearly 80% of all Americans at some point throughout their life. It comes in many forms from pain felt in the lower back, middle back or upper back to low back pain with sciatica that extends pain into the legs.

Over the last 20 years, Baker Chiropractic has seen a wide variety of back pain, correctly identified the source of the pain and developed effective chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy and massage treatment programs to resolve and decrease the pain.

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Pain in Lower Back

Low back pain is the #2 ailment that compels people to see a doctor, coming in second only to colds and flu. Low back pain is often triggered by overuse or strain to muscles, ligaments and discs that support your spine. However, there are other conditions that can result in pain in the lower back such as fractures to a vertebrae, osteoarthritis (joint degeneration) and pressure on nerves. When you experience lower back pain, it can make you walk hunched over or worse yet, it can cause you not to be able to walk at all.
It can also be a sign of spine misalignment which makes your back more prone to injury. Whatever the cause, the pain can be overwhelming. Our thorough examinations will correctly diagnose the cause of your pain. Once we know what the problem is, Baker Chiropractic and Wellness will treat it.

Here’s an Enlightening Statistic about Low Back Pain: “Low back pain patients who undergo chiropractic care have 60% fewer days of missed work compared to medical patients.” – J. Occup Environ. Med. 2011 Apr; 53(4):396-404.

Pain in Middle Back

Middle back pain is not nearly as common as pain in the lower back. The middle back is inherently strong and stable. The majority of pain felt here is caused by strains to muscles and ligaments.
Lifting heavy weight is a typical cause of pain in the middle back. So is poor posture; sleeping on a mattress that does not adequately support your spine; carrying a backpack that is too heavy and; excess body weight.
Pinched nerves can also lead to pain in the middle of your back. We will find the source of your middle back pain and make the pain go away.

Pain in Upper Back

The upper back supports the weight of your upper body and anchors your rib cage. Like the middle back, the upper back is also very strong and stable.
The majority of upper back pain is related to muscle and ligament overuse or strain. It may also be related to traumas (such as auto accidents or sports injuries) and joint problems.
Don’t tolerate upper back pain. Schedule an Appointment at Baker Chiropractic and Wellness to decrease the pain.

Avoid Risky Surgery

Back surgery often fails to relieve back pain. At Baker Chiropractic and Wellness, we routinely see patients who have undergone back surgery but see no relief. Only after they have become disgusted and fed up with expensive prescription drugs and costly, ineffective surgery do they come to us for answers and back pain relief.

Don’t make that mistake. Give us a call at (513) 561-2273 or Schedule an Appointment here on our website anytime day or night. We may be able to relieve your back pain without surgery!

Learn More From Our Patients

The best way to gauge how and why our chiropractic care will work for your back pain is to read what our patients who were experiencing back pain have to say. They were going through the same thing you are now.

They found us and most of all, they found the answers they were searching desperately to find. Read their real-life stories by visiting here: What Patients Say or contact us for a free copy of our book titled Enlightening, Adjusting and Saving Lives filled with hundreds of stories from patients who came to us looking for help with all types of pain.

Rate Your Back Pain on a Scale of 1 to 10

Providing information on the intensity of your pain can be very helpful to properly diagnose and decrease the pain. Using the below chart, rate your pain.
Then Contact Us and tell us what number of back pain you are suffering from.

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