Chiropractic Care Cincinnati - Get Fast Relief from Knee Pain

Chiropractic Care Cincinnati - Get Fast Relief from Knee Pain

Knee pain due to injuries is a prevalent condition for everyone. The pain might wound when bending over or worsen when walking or jogging. Your first thought might be injury generated by collapsing or arthritis.

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Sometimes knee pain is caused by a severe sports injury. Maybe you were intercepted during a game and your leg twisted in the wrong direction. While those incidents might seem obvious, some knee pain due to injuries is more painful.

For instance, the most common cause of knee pain is that the cartilage degrades over time. As the cartilage breaks down, you can form arthritis, which involves inflammation and solidifying your knee joint. Some doctors recommend one of two solutions: medication or surgery. However, those aren’t your only options. Instead, you can visit a knee chiropractor who can help lessen your pain.

Another cause of knee pain is too much body weight. If you are overweight, your knees are bearing the load. Your knees have to hold the force of your weight with every step. Losing a few pounds can build on your knee health.

Meanwhile, visiting a Baker Chiropractic for knee pain will help you improve your range of motion without surgery. By visiting us, you can find a non-invasive, natural approach to healing.

Other reasons for knee pain might include:

  • Tight muscles 
  • Unevenly developed leg muscles
  • Hip joint issues

Chiropractic Treatment for Knee Pain has its side effects but is minimal and usually includes soreness around the point of adjustment, fatigue, or headaches after the procedure. These side effects are temporary and insignificant compared to the development of realigning the spine for a healthier lifestyle.

Patients can be guaranteed the safety of chiropractic care. Compared to the side effects that often accompany other knee pain treatments like medications, Chiropractic Treatment for Knee Pain is non-invasive with low risks.

What to look for when you see a Chiropractor

All the anatomical parts need to be examined when the pain feels like it’s coming from the knee. This includes the low back, pelvic, hip, ankle, and foot needing to be assessed because of their direct influence on the knee and vice versa.

As Chiropractors, we take a comprehensive medical history and perform a thorough physical and biomechanical examination to make an accurate diagnosis and create a treatment plan. Each patient will be given a customized care plan. However, in our experience, many people experiencing knee pain benefit from some or all of the following chiropractic treatments for knee pain:

Reduce joint inflammation and reduce pain

We may suggest ice to decrease inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain. Also, to speed up and encourage soft tissue healing, we may use a laser, ultrasound, and interferential therapy.

Normalize joint function
This can be accomplished using chiropractic manipulation and mobilization techniques in areas with limited movements, such as the knee and any affected surrounding joints. This helps the rising trend as well as enhances function and reduces pain.

Rehabilitation through an exercise program

When fitting, we use exercises to help you improve constancy, strength, and tolerance. We also work on improving your balance. This will help you to go back to the ordinary and prevent injuries.

Signs that it may be time to seek treatment

One significant reason is if the knee pain is severe enough to limit your ability to accomplish normal daily life activities in everyday life. Also, if you have tried to limit your activity levels for short periods and your knees are still painful, or if you have taken pain medication and the knee pain rest annoying, it is time to visit a chiropractor.
An experienced doctor, such as our chiropractors at Baker Chiropractic care, will address the issues in and around the knee from the pain. They will also examine you to see if alignment issues in other body areas could cause knee pain or at least be a contributing factor. For example, restricted range of motion in the hips or rigidity in the lower back can place immoderate strain on the knees, which can be painful. With the proper chiropractic care, issues such as these can be corrected so you can live pain-free.
The effects of knee pain

Don’t ignore your knee pain. Instead, it’s essential to get help as soon as possible. Visiting a chiropractor for knee pain can help you keep away from pain when:

  • Walking up or downstairs 
  • Squatting 
  • Sitting down
  • Getting up 
  • Getting out of bed 
  • Walking 
  • Hobbies ( sports or gardening)

Everything you do all over the day could influence your quality of life. You are less likely to remain physically active when you are in pain. This can take you to weight gain and muscle loss.

Losing physical activity can also make you more susceptible to future injuries. When it’s challenging to move without pain, you will feel unable to participate in life. As a result, you might also feel concerned or depressed in time.

Visiting a chiropractor for knee pain can help reinforce your knees and overall health. Don’t let knee pain moderate your life. Instead, choose to visit a chiropractor for knee pain. They can ensure your body is aligned correctly, improving your overall quality of life. Eager to start healing? Contact us today.

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